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Importance of Pet Identification

Updated on August 2, 2014

Making sure your pet is properly identifiable is crucial in having it returned home in the event it escapes. All too often animals end up suffering in the streets, or in dog pounds around the world, because they got loose from their yards. Many of these animals never find their way home because they are not properly identifiable, and are put to sleep at shelters. Their adoption chances are bleak because of the serious pet overpopulation issue experienced in the United States.

Your pet should have as many different kinds of identification as possible to increase the chances of it being returned to you in the event it escapes. Microchips, Licenses, and nameplates printed at your local pet store work best when used together. If used one at a time your pet may not make it home.


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Many people will let a stray dog into their back yard. They will feed it, and look for identification. If they cannot see any, or it is not traceable by them, they may look around their neighborhood to find the owner. The problem with this scenario is animals can run for miles before being found. Most people consider their neighborhood boundaries as just a few blocks. In these cases the individual does their best to find the owner, and when that fails, keeps the animal for themselves. You would have no way of ever finding your pet in a situation like this.

Animal Control has the equipment to run dog licenses, and microchips. Some will do this in the field when they pick up the animal, and attempt to return it before it ever makes it to the shelter. Others will wait until they are at the shelter to check on this information. If your dog has tags displayed, and is close to home, the officer is much more likely to try and take the animal home. This would create the least amount of stress on your animal.

Animals go missing every day. It is our responsibility to make sure that they have multiple types of identification available that can allow anyone who comes across our animal the opportunity to get it home. All too often this is not the case, and many people are forced to accept that they will never see their beloved pets again. Remember using multiple forms of identification all at once is the best opportunity your pet has to be reunited with its loving family.

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