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Importance of Seat belt for Dogs

Updated on September 13, 2011

Many dog owners fail to realize the importance of using seat belt for dogs when they car travel with their furry companion. It is often said that “seat belt saves lives” so if we love our dogs and treat them as part of the family why should we neglect strapping them in when we travel with them? Most parents would never forget to buckle themselves and their children or loved ones when they ride the car for long trips or just down the block so why not do the same thing with our dogs if we love and care for them as much.

Strapping our dogs using a seat belt will truly save his life in case of a collision or sudden stops or swerves while driving. Seat belt for dogs are meant to secure and restrain our pets in the back seat or front seat of the car although many safety enthusiasts suggests that the best place to strap our pets would be at the back seat of the vehicle. If dogs are let loose inside the car they can easily become projectiles because of sudden stops or swerves on the road. There have been a lot of instances where dogs get injured badly or worse die because they were tossed inside the car because they were not properly restrained during the car ride.

Dog seat belts can also keep our dogs in one area or spot inside the vehicle. If your pet is properly secured he will not distract you while you are driving the car. There are also a lot of cases where distractions from an unrestrained dog has caused several road accidents therefore strapping them with a dog seat belt will keep them secured in one area and won’t bother or distract you while you are driving. The safety principles or use of a human seat belt and seat belt for dogs are one and the same. Seat belts are designed to save a life, that’s why it is very important to use one for our furry companion when we travel with our dogs.

Dog seat belts are made up of a harness that attaches to the dogs torso or upper body. A latch for attaching an over the shoulder seat belt can be found at the back of the harness. Many dog owners fail to realize that this simple device can really save their dog’s life in case of a collision or sudden stops on the road. If you truly love your pet and want only what is best for him or her then you would really need to have a seat belt for dogs when you car travel with them. A responsible pet owner should learn to value their dog’s life as much as their dogs value their owner’s lives. Getting a seat belt for your dog will not cost as much compared to the huge medical bills you would pay if your dog gets injured inside the car during a road mishap.

Why dog seat belts are important!

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    • jacqui2011 profile image

      jacqui2011 6 years ago from Norfolk, UK

      I think you raise a very crucial point, we strap our kids in and it is important to strap dogs in. One of my friends takes the dog in the car and it jumps all over the place while she is driving. It causes a distraction to the driver and it should be belted in the back. I will bookmark this to show her. Thank you. Voted up and useful.