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Important Things You Should Know About Chinchilla

Updated on January 28, 2014


Whenever you have to buy a pet, you need to know a lot of things about it. This is important for several reasons for instance, when you know about your pet, only then can you manage easily with it. When you know what it likes eating, then you can give it its favorite food. If you know when and how it likes to play, you can then play with it accordingly to make it feel good. So it is imperative to know as much as possible about your pet well before you buy it. It is not a good idea to start exploring and learning about the pet once you have it. The better way is to first read and explore about different pets, and then choose the one that best fits you.


Chinchilla is one small pet that I am sure a lot of people love like anything. Being a pet, and even otherwise, a chinchilla is a nice creature that is pretty playful. Its soft fur attracts a lot of people and even other creatures. If you plan to own a chinchilla, there are a lot of things that you should know about it. Being not a common pet, there are a lot of hidden facts and truths about chinchilla.

We are not talking about a cat, a dog or a bird which are pretty common pets, rather we are talking about chinchilla which isn’t really common. Not too many people know about it and there are rare guys out there who actually own chinchilla as a pet and there are even fewer people who know a few things about chinchillas.

This is the reason that chinchillas are considered to be a pet that isn’t easy to go with.

Things You Should Know About Chinchilla

So before you decide to buy a chinchilla from your local pet store and own it as a pet, it is strongly suggested to know as much as possible about this little creature. I am not saying to read books on chinchilla rather you just have to know a few basic things and facts about chinchillas that are supposed to be of real importance.

So here are a few most important and prominent things/factors that you must keep in mind before you buy a chinchilla.

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Chinchillas Are Nocturnal Animals

Chinchillas are nocturnal creatures which means that they sleep in the day and they stay up all the night. So what you need to do is make sure that you have pretty much a similar kind of routine before you own a chinchilla. If you don’t have a matching routine, things will become really hard for you. I mean if you do a simple 9 to 5 job and you go to bed at 10, your pet will not let you sleep because it’s the time when it has to wake up and play and make different noises. So you see, you and your pet must have to have a similar kind of routine to keep things simple and smooth.

What I would suggest is that people who usually sleep late in the night or those who have nothing to do early morning should go for these tiny pets. Also, if you cannot sleep in noise, chinchilla is not a pet for you because it will make a lot of noises throughout the night in its cage so if you have a small house, you will have hard time sleeping calmly.

Bathing A Chinchilla

Bathing a chinchilla isn’t easy. This is something that most of the chinchilla owners usually don’t know. Chinchilla needs a dust bath. You have to buy dust from a pet store for chinchilla dust bath. Plus you have to figure out as to how many baths you have to give your chinchilla per week. This is something that isn’t easy to figure out. It although depends on several factors but a major factor is the mutual understanding and setting between the pet and the owner. It might be that your neighbor dust baths its chinchilla thrice a week and you dust bath your chinchilla once a week however everything else remains the same including weather and other variables. So there is no hard and fast rule with respect to chinchilla dust bath. The only thing that you have to ensure is that you are using the right dust for bath and you are giving your pet enough time to play and hop and role in the bath tub.

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Chinchilla Toys

All pets love to play with toys. Chinchillas do two things with the toys. First, they of course play with them. Second and importantly, they gnaw them. Gnawing is something without which a chinchilla cannot survive. It has to gnaw and it will gnaw whatever it will find as long as you don’t give it suitable and health-friendly toys to gnaw. You can easily find a lot of such suitable and safe toys for your pet.

It is strongly suggested to give your pet toys that it can gnaw easily, otherwise it might end up destroying your important things like furniture, carpet, wirings and anything that it finds. Chinchilla toys are very important for your pet.

Chinchilla Cage

Due to the gnawing nature of chinchillas, you have to be very careful with the cage of your pet. Do not buy a wooden cage, under any circumstances, for your chinchilla. The best cage for your pet is the one that is made from steel or any other hard metal that cannot be gnawed. In any case, there shouldn’t be any wood attached to the cage. Even if you give toys to your pet for gnawing, if it has a wooden cage, it will gnaw it in any case.

When you are buying a cage for a chinchilla, always buy a specific cage that is made for chinchillas because such cages are usually made from material that the pet cannot gnaw. Avoid buying those all-purpose pet cages.

Also, the cage has to be right sized and pretty much airy and it must have proper lights installed in it so that you can light up the cage in the night for your pet so that it can play inside the cage in the night.


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