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Oscar the Parrot Starred in Many Movies

Updated on December 12, 2017
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I've written, contributed to several books on film, and worked in the film industry. I like to share the insights of the movie business.


Great Bird

Animal actors are amazing creatures because they have a hidden talent so few of us understand how to tap into. Of course, animal trainers have that gift, and it those people who help animal actors shine.


Home Alone 3

The film industry lost one of the most talented parrots in the film industry. It is with great sadness that the recent star of a new movie has passed away. The titular star of A Bird of the Air, Oscar the Parrot, had a glorious career and an unprecedented career spanning live theater, television (Fantasy Island), print advertising and film (Home Alone 3).

True Actor with Wings

Oscar was adored by his fellow human actors and animal actors. It is believed that Oscar lived beyond his sixtieth birthday.

Oscar’s final role and probably his more important role is in A Bird of the Airarrives in theaters this fall. It is an indie romantic comedy co-starring Rachel Nichols (Conan the Barbarian, Star Trek ) and Jackson Hurst (Drop Dead Diva). Here are some clips of Oscar, which include some of his best moments from his soon to be released movie.


One of Oscar's most famous movie is Paulie. To share a bit about the story, it is a tale of a parrot being passed around from owner to owner. The bird makes friends with a little girl, but they get separated. Eventually, Paulie is purchased by a widow named Ivy. She is intent on reforming his crude personality. She and the parrot become fast friends and they agree that she should help him find Marie who moved to the west coast. The widow decides to travel by using her mobile home. Slowly, Ivy loses her sight during their trip, Paulie makes the decision to stay and take care of her. Ivy eventually passes away, and Paulie learns to fly and continues his journey to find his friend.

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