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Colorful, Remarkable Parrot Named Oscar Lives in Movies

Updated on October 16, 2021
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I work in modeling and film production and like to share insights into both businesses.


Oscar the Parrot

Animal actors are amazing creatures because they have a hidden talent, so few of us understand. We try to tap into their psyche, but the animals evade us. We wonder how the director gets those animals, like Oscar, to do those cute and adorable antics.

The animal trainers work with the director and animal actors. Together the animal trainers have the gift and help animal actors shine.

Oscar, the parrot, happened to be one of those animal actors. His talent stole scenes from other actors, and his personality caught people's attention. He passed away, but his recorded performances keep his memory alive.


Talented and Gifted Bird

The film industry lost one of the most talented parrots in the movie business. It is with great sadness that the star of several movies has passed away.

The bird's last movie is appropriately called A Bird of the Air. Oscar the Parrot had a glorious career and an unprecedented career-spanning live theater, television with Fantasy Island, print advertising, and movies like Home Alone 3.


"A Bird in the Air" - Oscar's Last Movie

In Oscar's last movie, he plays a smart-alecky parrot, who meets up with an unconventional librarian, played Rachel Nichols. Somehow, they end up disrupting the life of a private man named Lyman, played by Jackson Hurst, who is not sociable. He works the graveyard shift as a security officer, patrolling around in his truck. He became orphaned at four years old when his parents died in a car wreck. He only knows his last name and estimates the year of his birth.

Oscar flies into his trailer and starts talking with words like 'Shut up!" and "I'm an eagle!" Lyman decides he must find the parrot's owner. The quest leads him to the librarian named Fiona, played by Rachel Nichols. Over the years, her curiosity and attraction to Lyman from afar finally comes to fruition. She offers her help to find the parrot's owners if Lyman doesn't like it or not.

Another animal comes into the story. Fiona's basset hound makes the whole situation off-kilter. All four begin their search for Oscar's owner. Fiona unravels the secrecies of Lyman's past and realizes something about his past needs clarity.

Fiona and Lyman go on his nightly security rounds together, and she sees a different man compared to her romantic attraction. He is changed when he's a security officer, and she feels uncomfortable about it. As the movie winds down, Lyman reconciles his past, breaks free of his murky lifestyle. They prepare a life together.

True Actor with Wings

Oscar lived beyond his sixtieth birthday, and he did not show his age in his final movie, A Bird of the Air. His fellow human actors adored him, and they spoke of his professionalism and kindness toward the crew on the set. The indie romantic comedy includes some of the best moments for Oscar. His talent shines, and he will always be in our hearts.

"Paulie" the Movie

One of Oscar's most famous movies is Paulie. The film is about a parrot, played by Oscar, being passed around from owner to owner.

The bird makes friends with a little girl, but they get separated. Eventually, a widow named Ivy buys Paulie. She and the parrot become fast friends, and they agree that she should help him find Marie, who moved to the west coast. The widow decides to travel by using her mobile home.

Slowly, Ivy loses her sight during their trip, Paulie decides to stay and take care of her. Ivy eventually passes away, and Paulie learns to fly and continues his journey to find his friend.

Talented Parrot

Oscar made so many movies and helped other animal actors break into the business. He leaves behind a legacy, and no other parrot can fill his feathers. It is a phenomenon of how Hollywood creates a story and adds a parrot and the whole dynamic of the story shifts.

Oscar worked in the movies before animal trainers became a household word. Oscar helped so many animal trailers, too. He showed them how to guide animals through a scene, so they delivered what the director wanted.

Oscar flew off to find a new place to talk parrot and entertain people. Rest in peace, Oscar. You are dearly loved.

© 2011 Kenna McHugh


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