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Increase Your Chicken's Egg Size

Updated on February 6, 2019

Make a hobby of raising bigger eggs.

When you start the hobby of raising chickens for eggs, you might be shocked that 1-2 year old chickens do not lay giant jumbo eggs. Most of those jumbo eggs come from older chickens that have dropped production to less than 150 eggs per year. Larger eggs means more nutrients from the chicken which means chickens will have less production...or will they?

Granted there are chicken breeds prone to lay larger eggs. But quality of feed can truely enhance the quality of eggs. My chickens free range and scavage my garden. They have access to as much grubs, bugs, worms, and non-gmo vegetation as they can stuff in their beaks, not to mention whatever field mouse, baby mole, salamandar, frog, stray cat, rabbit, and baby birds they scrounge up. Sometimes the energy it takes to scratch and peck off sets the the amount of feed they are ingesting, that means it will affect the egg production. We can compensate.

First off you can use regular layer mix that they don't have to use energy to hunt for. Sure, there is a big difference in egg quality when chickens are eating real food instead of feasting on premade, over priced chicken feeds. However a daily ration of layer mix won't harm your chicken either. In the beginning I too fell for the all feed all the time trap, But the first time my chickens found a nest of salamandars and the whopper eggs they laid afterwards was proof for me than chickens should eat things other than sacks of feed.

Lucky for me I also have access to grass-fed extra lean beef, so naturally I had to see if beef would work as good as a live salamadar. Well my chickens get eat left over bbq ribs and just about every cut of beef left over there is. Of course the results were equally as awesome. As it turns out just about every meat I tried works too. Even a tuna sandwich. They ate the meat and left bread for the crows!

The picture is of eggs from one of my leghorns. The same chicken laid both eggs. The bigger egg was laid after snacking on grass-fed leg of lamb.

Of course the cost of buying meat to feed chickens is beyond crazy. I raise my own stock so its not such a crazy idea. But if you have left over dinner not treated with chemicals, flavors and preservatives, they will pick the meat out.

So a bigger shell means more calcium usage. If your not gonna eat the egg shells, smash them and feed them back to your chickens. Despite theories of it making egg eaters out of your chickens, it won't. Chickens will eat the broken eggs out of their nests to clean the nest, or if they have emergent need of that extra calcium. I never had a chicken eat an egg that didn't need it in the first place. Any of my no hatches they will devour too.

When you get the big eggs make sure they have a nice fluffy place to land. I use pine shavings in all my nests. I let my chickens share nests and the hay winds up being a poopy mess and then the eggs do too.I switched to pine shavings that the chickens can scratch around in. They like it better and it doesn't stick to the eggs like the paper products do. I have used the brand Kaybee before, and used it for my parrot too. I have found it to be cleaner than the typical farm and feed store large bales. So if you only have a couple nest boxes those small bales at Amazon will work.

Egg vs. egg. More meat means bigger eggs

The eggs are from the same chicken. The egg on the left was laid after she ate some grass fed leg of lamb.

See if you are candidate for raising egg laying chickens. Try this quiz.

view quiz statistics

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

My chickens prefer pine shavings in their nests.

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