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Indestructible Dog Crate- Heavy Duty Dog Crates

Updated on March 15, 2011

Heavy Duty Indestructible Steel Dog Crate Cage

Have a escape artist dog that can squeeze out of their crate or even chew through it. If your dog has a set of jaws of steel then you will want to skip the wire crates and get a indestructible dog crate. The indestructible dog crates are practically a Alcatraz on wheels for your dog. The heavy duty metal makes it almost impossible for your dog to bend or chew open. The frame is forged from 20-gauge steel and reinforced by 1/2" diameter steel tubes for the strongest, sturdiest, most durable crate/cage on the market.The crate is rust resistant because it's finished in a high grade hammertone that is very long lasting. The dog crate also comes with a set of four locking wheels for added mobility. Also their is a crate tray you can order replacement dog crate trays, or for cheaper crates check out Heavy Duty Dog Crates.

These indestructible dog crates come in a couple different sizes so they can accommodate your needs and your dogs needs. The welds make this crate very durable unlike your normal metal dog crate. Why spend $100 a pop to buy new crates if your dog keeps breaking them. You would actually save money buying one of these indestructible dog crate

Why a indestructible dog crate is best.

So why should you get a indestructible dog crate for your dog that is chewing or breaking through it. Here are some things to think about, they won't outgrow it, they won't learn their lesson. Dogs can actually hurt themselves, or worse kill themselves on the bars. If a bar is pulled out or sticking out and the dog is trying to escape and rubs it in the skin or even punctures the skin. The three sizes that they come in are 36 inch, 42 inch, and 48 inch. "This crate is very attractive and so solidly built you could house a lion in it"


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    • caninecrtitics profile image

      caninecrtitics 6 years ago from Massachusetts

      Thank you for the compliment it finally pays off working in the pet industry for over 10 years.

    • profile image

      BillBeavers Dog Crates 6 years ago

      My compliments to the author. He or she knows the difference between a wire crate and a real heavy duty dog crate, and such a difference there is. The Heavy Duty Dog crate is the first tool in the management of Canine Separation Anxiety.