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Indestructible Toys For Your Dog That Are Truly Indestructible

Updated on September 19, 2010

People all have different opinions of what a indestructible dog toy is because dogs come in all shapes and sizes and chewing abilities.  I will show you dog toys that are durable and indestructible for all sizes.  Here are the top five toys for aggressive chewers.

Kong Dog Toys

Kong is one of the greatest dog toys made on the market now. The Kong extreme is used for military dogs, police dogs and personal trainers around the world. Its made from a very durable rubber that can with hand your dogs chewing. The Kong extreme is great for dogs that need a interactive toy because you can fill the center of the kong with treats, food ,peanut butter, cheese whiz and much more.

  • Keeps dogs busy and helps deter misbehavior
  • Made in the USA of nontoxic, extremely durable natural rubber
  • Measures 4-inches long; for dogs 30 to 65 pounds

Premier Tug A Jug Dog Toy

This dog toy almost ranked higher than the kong extreme but i have used kong longer and tug a jug is a newer toy.  Tug a jug is a great toy that is made from a almost bullet proof plastic that can be chewed on forever.  The dog toy can be stuffed with food or treats and your dog can get them out using the rope at the top to work out the food.  Toy is very easy to clean and fill because the bottom unscrews.  The only flaw to this indestructible dog toy is the rope on the top because it's such a thin rope it is chewed off easily.  Replacing this rope is easy from a hardware store, i keep a couple feet around the house just in case.

Hurley Dog Toy

The Hurley is a dog toy that is so durable and indestructible that it is guaranteed against dog destruction! Made from "Zogoflex", a 100% recyclable material, the remarkable Hurley floats and is completely bendable. Super strong and made for even the most aggressive chewers, the Hurley from West Paw Design is a dog toy that we truly love. Should your dog break the Hurley, simply send it to West Paw for a free replacement! Sizes: Small - 6", Large - 8.5". Available in three dynamic colors: Tangerine, Granny Smith Green or Aqua Blue.  This dog toy has lasted a long time with my dog Sherwood and I love using it in the river for fetch since it floats and it's easy to see.  Another benefit of this toy is it's made in the U.S.A. This toy can be used for dogs of all sizes from a min pin to a rottweiler

Great interactive dog toy

Here is another favorite of mine because it can also be used for keeping your dog busy while you are gone because you can adjust the amount of food that can come out at one time. The indestructible dog toy is designed so well that it's rounded corners and plastic are hard for a dog to sit and gnaw on and destroy. This dice looking dog toy will keeping your dog busty for hours because of the food inside. If your dog eats to fast use the cube to slow down your dog from doing any unhealthy gulping.  The Buster Food Cube engage, mystify and delight your dog. Just fill it with dry food or treats, roll it past your dog and let the fun begin. When it rolls, it dispenses food. TThe toy will keep your dog busy, gradually learning how to roll it to release the tasty bites inside, and suddenly playing is rewarded and is safe for all dogs. Features: Smart Toy Learning Level: Genius Designed to amuse and stimulate intellect Encourages the natural instincts to hunt and forage Keeps dogs engaged, to reduce boredom and related behavioral problems Helps to minimize negative behaviors resulting from fear or aggression Easy to fill and adjust (to avoid over-treating and maintain interest level) Central cylinder adjusts difficulty level Dishwasher safe Item Specifications: Size: Mini (3") Hole approx. 1"DIA Large (5") Hole approx. 1"DIA


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