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Indian Dogs like Doberman

Updated on November 21, 2015

Doberman Pinschers are intelligent, alert, courageous and dedicated dogs, which are very loyal and obedient companion. These qualities make them one among most demanded dogs. Also, they are very athletic and sturdy dogs. And need, daily walk and regular moderate exercise, if you do not have sufficient time to spend with your pet, then Doberman may not be a right selection for you.

Doberman dogs are commonly mistaken as an aggressive and dominating dog. Dobermans are not an aggressive dog, but they are very protective and aggressive towards strangers. That's why they are known as, one man dog. They can’t be trusted with guests and strangers. By nature, they are dominant and need a firm owner. A Doberman must be trained and socialized at an early stage, Otherwise they will become willful and stubborn. Absolutely Dobermans are an excellent dog, but not suitable for everyone. Especially for the owners who need dog, which need less grooming and suitable for gruelling conditions and extreme weather, they may find a native dog more suitable. For Indian subcontinent, many hound dogs are available, that look like Doberman and have similar characters and physical traits. They can be a right choice. Let know these Indian dogs, to make your selection.

Indian Kanni Dog (Female)
Indian Kanni Dog (Female)

1: Kanni

Kanni is a rare indigenous South Indian dog from Tamil Nadu. Meaning of cane is- maidenm, from which they got their name canni which is now "Kanni". . They are tall dogs with natural, cropped ears, long tail and an appearance like a smooth-coated like Saluki or a Doberman pinscher. This breed is a further extension of the Caravan or Mudhol Hound, and is also a descendant of the Saluki, They were bred for hunting and guarding. Their common colors are, black and tan, the partial white coat on the feet and chest is accepted. The cream-colored Kanni is recognized as “Paalakanni”.

Kanni are very agile, slim, graceful dogs, and moderately built dog, with deep chest and slim body. They stand about 25 inches at the withers, the female is about 22 inches.

Doberman Vs Kanni Dog

Doberman Female (Left) Vs Kanni Female
Doberman Female (Left) Vs Kanni Female | Source

2: Rampur Greyhound

The Rampur Greyhound dogs are an intelligent, loyal and devoted sight hound dogs. They were originated from, Northern Indian city Rampur, which lies between Delhi and Bareilly.
They were bred to hunt deer, fox, jackal and rabbits. It was considered a test of courage. A Rampur hound can easily take down a golden jackal. Usually they appear lazy, with wagging tail. But when needed, they will be charged, they have great speed and stamina, and can go around 40-42 miles per hours, which is much better than, Indian wild dog or Dholes (34 miles/ hour) or African wolf dog (37 miles/hour).

Rampur Hounds have a cat-like balance and are able to walk on ledges or to calmly clear a six foot fence. They are very affectionate and protective of their owners and known as one man dog (Like Doberman), usually they don’t welcome strangers and other pets.

Doberman Vs Rampur Greyhound

Chippiparai Dog
Chippiparai Dog | Source

3: Chippiparai

Chippiparai was bred for hunting wild boar, deer and hare and for guarding the home. Chipper was bred by royal families in Chippiparai near Madurai district, Tamil Nadu, from where it takes its name. The rulers of Tirunelveli and Madurai, kept them as a symbol of royalty and dignity. Chippiparai are further extensions of, Egyptian Royal dogs- Saluki. Salukis travelled to India, with Arabian invaders or soldiers and further their bread with local breed of dogs. Their physical appearance and stamina are very similar to Egyptian Salukis.

These sight hounds are known for their sense of sight and chasing speed to spot and kill prey. Also, they are very playful, obedient and loyal dogs and make a good family pet, they are appreciated as a watch dog or guard dog. Chippiparai dogs are available in multiple varieties of colours like brown, fawn, silver grey or reddish brown colour. They have a dual shade coat with black and tan or black and grey combinations..

Doberman Vs Chippiparai Dog
Doberman Vs Chippiparai Dog | Source
Soriala Geyhound from West Bengal, India
Soriala Geyhound from West Bengal, India

4: Soriala Greyhound or Bengal Hound

The Soriala Greyhounds are a sight hound dog, native from West Bengal, India. This dog is a further addition of Rampur Hound dogs from Northern Indian city Rampur, which lies between Delhi and Bareilly.
These dogs were created by, combining the bloodlines of very aggressive and ferocious dogs, who has powerful built with strong jaws. The skull of this dog is broad and strong. A powerful Soriala hound dog can bring down a large bull. They also hunt vermin, deer and jackals. Very few Soriala hounds are available now, they have a risk of extinction.

Doberman Vs Soriala Hound

Mudhol Hound
Mudhol Hound | Source
Rare, White Caravan Hound
Rare, White Caravan Hound | Source

5: Mudhol Hound

It’s one of the most respected Indian working hound dog breed, mostly available in parts of the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra, and some part of Andhra Pradesh. This is also known as Karwan Hound, Maratha Hound, Pashmi Hound.

Caravan hound is an exceptionally loyal Indian hound dog, capable of providing an excellent performance in the field on a consistent basis under gruelling conditions that would decimate most other dogs. Its physical strength couples with great speed and plenty of stamina to allow- it to catch and kill several types of game, from hare to blackbuck, over rough country. This intelligent and keen hunter dog is reserved with strangers and do not like to be touched by strangers.

Caravan hound is well known for his running and chasing capabilities. Breed is an example of, Survival of the fittest and doesn't suffer with any specific health issues. Mudhol hounds need regular exercise, running and not recommended for apartment life.

Doberman Vs Mudhol Hound

Doberman Female Vs Mudhol Hound
Doberman Female Vs Mudhol Hound | Source
Female Rajapalayam Dog
Female Rajapalayam Dog | Source

6: Poligar hound (Rajapalyam)

The Rajapalayam is a tall and powerful, Indian Sighthound dog. It looks like miniature Great Dane. This bold, muscular and heavy build dog was used for hunting wild boar and hare. It was the companion dog of the royal family of Southern Indian town Rajapalayam and that's where it gets his name Rajapalayam.

They are also known as Polygar hound. During the Carnatic and Polygar War Rajapalayams were very effective and appreciated and from then, they got another name Polygar hound. Like most of other hounds, Rajapalayam need to be kept in optimum working condition. It needs wide open spaces and is very affectionate and devoted towards its owner, although not always demonstrative. They do not usually like to be touched or handled by strangers and are known to be one-man dogs. This dog usually do not get along well with other pets like cats, owing to their strong hunting instincts.

Doberman Vs Rajapalayam

Black Doberman Vs Rajapalayam
Black Doberman Vs Rajapalayam
Doberman Vs Rajapalayam Females
Doberman Vs Rajapalayam Females | Source

Indian Hound Dogs Vs Doberman

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