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Indoor Wooden Dog Kennels Add Beauty & Elegance to Your Home

Updated on February 21, 2010

Wooden dog kennels which are some times called dog crate end tables are an excellent choice for you and your pooch. Pets are an important part of a family, and when we need to confine them we want to make sure that they feel comfortable and secure. It would also be nice if that space wasn't a stark plastic or wire cage, but something much more warm and "homey" feeling.

At times, it is best to keep a family pet confined for various reasons. You may need to contain your pet when you are house training your animal, when an unfamiliar situation may upset your pup or just to give him some needed private time to relax away from the your busy household.

Although canines should not be confined at all times, there are instances when it may be necessary.

Dog Crate End Tables

Wooden dog kennels serve a dual purpose since they provide a decorative solution when you to need to confine your pet. This safe and comfortable place for you pooch can also double as an attractive piece of furniture that you select to match your home décor.

Indoor dog kennels come in a variety of styles to complement the décor of a house. They are available in many solid wood species and stains as well as different styles of furniture which should make coordinating with your existing furnishing a snap.

If you can not find what you are looking they can also be custom-made to a homeowner's specifications. Due to the high quality wood construction, many pet owner’s are going with functional designs like a dog crate end table to match the furniture in their living room.

Wooden dog crates are a good solution for a pet owner who is looking to keep their pup contained to one place in the evening hours, but doesn't want a plastic crate in his or her dwelling. There are many features that one should consider while investigating wooden dog kennels for sale. It is important to purchase one that will comfortably fit the family pet. A canine will feel most comfortable with a space that is the right size for the specific breed.

This Pooch is Fast Asleep in Her Cozy Wooden Dog Kennel (Door Removed)
This Pooch is Fast Asleep in Her Cozy Wooden Dog Kennel (Door Removed)
Order an Unfinished Dog Crate End Table and Finish It Yourself to Suit Your Decor
Order an Unfinished Dog Crate End Table and Finish It Yourself to Suit Your Decor
A Wooden Dog Crate End Table Will Add Warmth to Any Room in Your Home
A Wooden Dog Crate End Table Will Add Warmth to Any Room in Your Home

You may even be able to order an unfinished dog crate end table and finish it yourself so that it matches your existing furniture.

Some manufacturers also offer all wood construction, doors the swing both ways and doors that can be easily removed when not needed. One important thing to remember is that these types of pet containment are considered to be home furnishing so they are not designed to be used for travel. If you plan to travel with your pooch you will need to invest in a suitable pet carrier or plastic kennel for optimum safety and comfort while on the road.

One benefit of having an indoor confined space for a family pet is that it helps protect indoor floors while house training a puppy. Puppies have a natural instinct not to relieve themselves while in an enclosed area, and a pet crate is a good tool to help house train puppies.

Although these enclosures will function great for puppies, you still may want to consider waiting until your pooch has grown out of the teething stage. You may want to use a plastic dog kennelwire dog kennels are also great because the can be easily sectioned as you pup grows. If you choose a or wire cage for your puppy be sure you check out the many different varieties of dog crate covers. A cover will make the space warm and cozy and depending on the color and fabric you choose it will blend with your décor.

A crate is also beneficial if you have a high strung animal, or company that does not like animals. Or if your pup is very protective and you feel he may bite unfamiliar visitors. You may also have an extraordinarily friendly pooch that is in constant need of attention. For instance, when you have visitors at your house, does your pet make a nuisance of himself? If so your visitors may be very appreciative if a family pet is contained during their stay.

Wire Dog Kennel Adorned with a Hand Decorated Wooden Table Top
Wire Dog Kennel Adorned with a Hand Decorated Wooden Table Top

Pets are an important part of families, and they deserve the best that a person can give to them. There are times that a pet needs to be confined indoors, and wooden dog kennels are a good alternative to plastic crates. They have many benefits, features, and styles that are not available in plastic options.

Although each homeowner may have different specifications and uses for the pet enclosure, he or she will find a product that will work best for their lifestyle. If you're handy you can even transform a stark wire cage by adding your own wooden table top.

Visit Dog Supplies Advisor for more great information on wooden dog kennels and caring for your dog.


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    • infoguider profile image


      8 years ago

      I didn't realize such fancy dog kennels existed - great to know!

    • n8blls profile image


      8 years ago from Austin

      These beat the crap out of the big ugly metal things.

    • Shaunelle Tansy profile image

      Shaunelle Tansy 

      8 years ago from a galaxy far far away

      Those dog crate end tables look fantastic. Much better than those cheapo plastic dog crates you can get. Nice hub :-)

    • Shaunelle Tansy profile image

      Shaunelle Tansy 

      8 years ago from a galaxy far far away

      My Jack Russell loves his wooden dog kennel run. Dogs are such faithful creatures, it's really important that owners provide them with the comfort and shelter that they deserve.

    • Helen Straw profile image

      Helen Straw 

      8 years ago from Tasmania

      I love these wooden indoor kennels and cages. I don't like dogs staying in a cage for long periods of time, but there are times (like when mother-in-law visits) when I have to lock up the dog, and chase the cats away too. I think it is nice that they have a place to retreat to if they just want a secure spot to rest.

    • Home and Garden profile image

      Home and Garden 

      8 years ago

      I can understand these as a temporary measure but my basic instinct is that it's not very fair to the pet on a more regular basis. Mind you, my dogs have always been outdoor ones so night-time containment was never an issue.


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