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Interactive Cat Toys for a Healthy, Happy and Alert Cat

Updated on January 19, 2015

Interactive Cat Toys

Take out some time to play with your cat every day and you will have a healthy, happy and alert cat for a long time to come. For playing with the cats you can use the interactive cat toys which can make it very enjoyable for both your feline buddy and you.

You can easily find out and buy the interactive cat toys from the pet stores, super markets and specialty shops. You can buy these toys on very reasonable prices that will make it possible to enjoy with and without you.

Generally interactive cat toys are those which can chase and are made of different kinds of materials like feathers or fuzzy stuff usually which are tied to the end of a rubber or a string that you can dangle, pull along the floor and hold in front of the cat, so it can chase.

The materials which are attached to the strings should be tightly stick to the string and should not disappear due to any reason.

For example, feather connected to the strings is one of the good interactive cat toys. If you are sitting on the bed and your cat is sitting on the floor, dangle it over the edge of the bed until you will not get attention of the cat.

Then slowly raise it, pull the string so that the feather start rising and disappear over the top of mattress. The minute that feather reaches the top and then begins to disappear, your cat will pounce. It will create some curiosity and then cat will start playing with it.

One of the enhanced interactive cat toys is the one with the laser light. They are quite expensive and can be found at most of the pet stores. Cats will really love them and chase the little ball with the laser light and that laser can produces light for hours.

Sweet Sleep in Heated Cat Beds

Almost all the pets like to sleep much, but if you compare the dogs with the cats, then you will find that cats like to spend most of time in sleeping.

Some cats have a habit of laying down on the rug or carpet, some on their owner’s lap and some prefer to sleep near any window in light area with fresh air.

You can easily judge that why these areas are liked by the cats. Cats like these places because they love to sleep on the comfortable and soft places where they can get the sweet sleep.

It is better for pet owners that they consider the need of the cats and provide them the comfort and softness with the help of heated cat beds. These beds may have the mats and soft cushions which can provide the warmth to the body of the cat.

There are different colors, deigns and shapes of the heated cat beds are available in the market with different features and prices. You can buy any according to the need of your cat and also according to your budget.

There are different shapes available like rectangle, square, round and oblong heated cat beds. Even you can get some funny shapes in these beds like the fish-shaped cat bed or the mouse shaped cat bed etc.

So, your cat will not only enjoy its sleep in its own bed also it will enjoy and observe the unique shape of the bed.

There are variety of colors are available in the heated cat beds. For example, white, black, pastel and the entire rainbow colors which make the beds more attractive and beautiful.

Some owners can also select the color of the heated cat beds which can go with the theme color of the room or the interior. These beds can easily enhance the interior of the room.

There are different materials are used in the manufacturing of these products like the different quality of fabrics and prints are used for enhancing the feature.

Let Your Cat Sit on a Cat Window Seat

Having a cat as a pet is such a fun and interesting thing. You can enjoy your spare time with your cat and even if you do not have any friend then you can play sometime with it and it will remove the feeling of the loneliness.

Cats are basically loved to be near the nature and as we keep them as pets so we cannot allow them to go outside so often. But you generally note it that your cat loves to sit in your window and watch outside.

So, if you really love your cat and want to give her the opportunity to enjoy the nature and also air and light then you can buy a cat window seat for it. Cat window seat is specially made for the cats which gives them the softness and comfort.

If you provide the cat window seat to your cat then she will happily enjoy sitting over it and will not only enjoy the comfort and softness of the perch but will also enjoy the ambiance outside.

It can also get the fresh air and heat from the sun. Some people like to buy a ready made which is easily available in the pet stores but some other may like to make this on their own after collecting different necessary things.

There are different kinds of the cat window seat available in the market which can be varied according to the different fabrics, colors, materials and shapes.

You can buy one according to the size of the window where you will place it. If you buy the adjustable cat window seat then it is more convenient and better option. If you want to change the place of installing it then you can easily adjust it according to size of the window without any problem.

Cat Grooming And Human Aid

A feral cat in good physical condition usually keeps itself reasonable well groomed. Domestication and selective breeding have resulted in changes to the cat’s coat, such as longer hair, that sometimes require more maintenance than the cat is able to provide for itself.

Assistance is then needed from the owner. Older cats, too, may lose the motivation and energy to groom them and welcome extra help.

You can remove some of the loose dead hairs which accumulate just by stroking a cat. The polishing action gives the coat a beautiful sheen.

Some experiences owners claim that the best time to groom a cat is just after washing the dishes, for if your hands are very slightly damp, stroking is even more effective. Thin rubber gloves have a similar effect in removing loose hair.

Equipment – The grooming equipment you need depends on the type of coat your cat has. You will also gradually discover what works best for your pet. If you have a pedigreed cat, ask the breeder’s advice.

First hand experience, especially from a breeder who keeps show cats, can save time and money. Start regular grooming as a part of a kitten’s routine as soon as it comes into your household.

An older cat may need some encouragement to submit to the experience, but will probably soon enjoy it immensely, if you are gentle.

Choose a quiet time in the cat’s observed routine, make sure all you need is accessible and settle the cat on a towel on your lap. It is pointless trying to restrain a cat that just wants to play; scratches are far less likely if the cat is relaxed.

Narrow or wide toothed grooming comb, flea comb, ball tipped brush, slicker tail brush. A longhaired cat is lying down on a towel specially reserved for its grooming. Having a waste trash bin nearby is also a wise move.

Finish off a grooming session with a stroke and hear that cat purr. Stroking also removes any stray loose hairs and gives a final polish.

Cat Grooming Tips

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