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International Homeless Animals' Day® August 20th: Artist Observation

Updated on July 15, 2013

This hub is in observance of The International Homeless Animals' Day. This drawing is my artistic impression which is about to be turned into a Children's Storybook cover design, thanks to the inspiration from two little cute furry creatures I once got acquainted to.

A kitten and a puppy landed up at my doorstep one very hot and humid middle-eastern summer. And they placed a never fading mark in my life to remember to consider a few things by way of giving back to this world.

This experience also reassured me that compassion towards these species of the world's habitat is not only therapeutic to oneself but was also a way to provide a sure spark of positivity. This began showing in my many endeavors to marry art with real life issues. It pumped in new strength into several social causes I had planned to do in my lifetime where I could use my art as a tool that needed much attention from our race. Getting involve artistically educating people in "Issues of animal welfare", while also being facilitator to any responsibility called for towards all of our existence. In other words, it gave birth to so many new meaningful things in my various life encounters.

Coming back to the star activity I started working on after I met the Kitten and Pup was breathing life to a dilemma as to how to stitch together my passions, that is, drawing, writing and pets. So to start with I christened my friends as Jack and Heather to drop them in my up-coming storybook series as the main characters.

Let me just introduce you to both of them before I discuss the crux agenda of this article which is written on this special day.

Jack is the Springer Spaniel pup and Heather is the kitten. There were in fact two kittens. One young lad was a Ginger-colored, cute and pink kitten, Martin (not so cute in his ways); the other was a dirty black kitten named Heather.

The peace the troubled Heather had on her face makes me refer to her as the Black Magic Woman. She had a certain poise, calm and resilience. I say resilience, because it was shocking to observe that she was the ignored kitten in her pack. All the cats of the neighborhood that passed by never gave her a second look. I was amazed by the fact that even in the cat community, looks made a difference. Heather was discriminated against by the color of her coat. She always looked weak, abandoned and pushed-aside even by the mother cat.

On the other hand, Martin was a the handsome badly brought-up fella (obviously, he got all the attention from his pack). He always snatched food from Heather's share, looked stronger, and always threw tantrums even to us, his masters, if we missed the time to feed him.

Then one day came little Jack, who was a pedigree pup abandoned in the streets, looking so lean and weak with starvation but ready to respond to some love and affection. My flat mates took him in just to give some temporary shelter until there was a new home for him. Jack the Springer Spaniel was an adorable friendly pup, always ready to follow you with a wagging tail. I couldn't imagine how someone would leave this honey-eyed adorable creature out on the streets to fend for himself.

Jack and Heather, I remember, made my days every single day. I must admit, though, that I could not give them the best attention, but I did what I could in my leisure time. Because I was a foreigner myself in this part of the world, just as foreign as themselves, if not more foreign, since Jack and Heather did not need a Work Permit or Residence Visa, but I did; and I couldn’t just sit around with these beauties. I had to go out and make a interesting irony! eh?

Today, I spend at least a few minutes everyday thinking about Heather and Jack when I scribble their various fun treks from my imagination. Enjoying every moment because they leave back a new message for all of us every time, giving some thought-provoking reasons as to why we need them to co-habitat with us to make us live as better human beings.

So this is a story about how Jack the Canine and Heather the Feline became friends and had all those unconventional dog-and-cat adventures together. Heather is an abandoned unwanted ugly kitten let go from her pack; and Jack, abandoned for unfair reasons, was in search of some fun, love and affection. He just needed one square meal a day and a playmate. It was amazing how they found each other and how Heather managed to reach out to Jack, leaving behind her sibling Martin who was constantly jealous of her new friendship with a totally new species.

With this storybook taking shape I would say "Jack and Heather, wherever you are today, may you be well for I will be watching you do all your lovely innocent pranks through my picture story book." The beautiful moments I have thinking about them inspires me to put them in a pastel, peaceful color-tone as in this piece.

If this pet adoption story has had such an impact on me even after so many years, I am sure every one who has a want to adopt a homeless pet "will" I promise have something to thank them for. And if they are groomed well, with care, affection and good habits, they are going to remain your greatest companions for their whole lifetime whilst having a great home. If just a hundred of us think this way, I am sure that the world would be a better place for at least a good number of today's homeless animals to live in?

For believe me you, they would shower you with nothing but unconditional devotion and love, a rare treasure which is much more needed today.

My sentiments about this are still deep seated because in my lifetime I have witnessed with so much regret at least two horrific events where dogs on the street were brutally attacked with metal bars unto their death by human beings whilst nobody could do anything about it. I now work miles and miles if not countries apart knowing that sentiments for such things happening/sometimes officially has not changed and such inhuman acts are also reasons I would never ever go back to live and work in any of those cities again.

As my way of showing solidarity to a cause to protect the homeless animals I participated in this program to add one more voice

In addition, I want to put aside proceeds of sale made from any of my pet paintings to be used to support a cause for animal welfare, as my heart always goes out to those helpless animals who do not have words to cry out for help.

While we empathize and support and help scores of hungry homeless human beings, the downtrodden and the deprived much more needed than ever before in our history, let's spare a minuscule percentage of our attention for homeless animals too.


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    • rembrandz profile imageAUTHOR

      Remy Francis 

      7 years ago from Creative Zone Dubai

      Hi wizlinkx

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your concerns. Gosh it's horrific to hear of what you have witnessed. I know I have helplessly watched things like this.

      I hope one day all of us who do care could make some difference for the victims of such atrocities

    • wizlinkx profile image


      7 years ago from The United Arab Emirates

      Yes it is a sad fact that cruelty towards animals are growing by the day. In the country where I work and live, I have witnessed cats and dogs being thrown out of moving SUVs on the highways. Some of these poor things get run over by other speeding vehicles. The Dubai zoo has no air conditioning for the animals and they pant all day long inside a cage exposed to the hot summer sun and absolutely nothing is done. Walk in to a petshop and one can see sad looking animals gaze at you. I don't understand why people want to bring animals here and leave them to die like this. hope there will be more animal lovers soon enough. Thank you for the blog.

    • rembrandz profile imageAUTHOR

      Remy Francis 

      7 years ago from Creative Zone Dubai

      Thanks all Heather & Jack would be so pleased...that so many do care.

      - Peggy W Thanks for your kind words

      I am glad you liked my message art...thanks for the vote too.

      - varonny Thanks for the appreciation. Very true...especially frustrating when we become helpless in some ways.

      Hey Barbsbitsnpieces Thanks for the good words.

      I hope as a community of sympathizers like us could make a difference.

    • Barbsbitsnpieces profile image

      Barbara Anne Helberg 

      7 years ago from Napoleon, Henry County, Ohio, USA

      @rembrandz...Congratulations on this illustation! Thanks for sharing the plight of animals in conditions for which we all need to share in solutions.

    • varonny profile image

      Veronica Almeida 

      7 years ago from TORONTO

      beautiful illustration and even more beautiful message behind it.

      Animals are often mistreated and taken for granted, and we don't usually realize how important they are in our lives and in the world. Humans just have this idea that their lives are most important in the whole world... it is just frustrating.

      Great hub.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Important message told in an endearing way via your art and words. If more people thought like you, the world would be a much better and kinder place for not only the animals, but also the people sharing these spaces. As you say, animals need so little to be happy and give so much in return. Up and useful votes!

    • rembrandz profile imageAUTHOR

      Remy Francis 

      7 years ago from Creative Zone Dubai

      Thank you for your kind words Chatkath. And your appreciation n sharing in my sentiments

    • Chatkath profile image


      7 years ago from California

      I absolutely love this picture as well as the message behind it! Homeless animals live a short and torturous existence which should just not be tolerated in this day and age! Thank you for sharing this as well as your encouragement to become involved! What an inspiration this is! Rated up, useful, beautiful and interesting.


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