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Is Boxer Adoption For You? Rescue Dog or New Puppy?

Updated on April 27, 2011

If you decided on a boxer adoption, you will not only open your life, home, and heart to a wonderful dog, you will be giving the boxer it's forever home. Many of these boxers have not had loving companions in the past, but that is all they are looking for. The boxer breed is one of the best breeds to own. They are a medium sized dog, full of fun, intelligence, and loyalty. Most of them do not have much of a tail, but their wiggle butts will show you just how happy they are.

Do not take boxer adoption lightly. These dogs deserve the best and the rescues that adopt these dogs out fully vet prospective owners. Below is a list of some rescues in the United States, initiate contact with one of them and they will get the process going.

Boxer Adoption: Why Not A Puppy?

Having been owned by two boxers for the past ten years (one since he was 8 weeks and one since he was 7 months) I can tell you my experience as to why you might choose boxer adoption over a puppy.

House training - can I just tell you how difficult doing this is, especially when everyone in the house is working full-time? Getting a puppy IS a full-time job! Feeding, watering, and walking just about every thirty minutes in the beginning is sometimes harder than having a newborn baby with colic!

Extra cleaning - (see house training above) If you are not right on top of the puppy for the first few weeks or sometimes months of the puppies life, you will be cleaning up pee and poo from your carpets or tiles.

Price - The price of a AKC bred Boxer can get rather expensive, beautiful and healthy though. If you buy it in a store, you truly never know what you are really getting. You will pay an arm and a leg, but you may get a puppy from a puppy mill, kennel cough is also rampant in store bough puppies.

Boxer Adoption: Why Choose a Rescue?

By choosing boxer adoption, you will ensure that the dog you are getting is tempered correctly for your household and family. The rescues typically do tests on the dogs to see if they get along with other animals, little kids, etc. If a dog is taken out of a rather bad situation, personality tests are also taken to ensure the dog will not be aggressive towards its new family.

Most of the time, the dogs (especially the full grown ones) are house trained already. Saving you time and lots of cleaning! The boxers have been to the veterinary's office for a check up and any health issues are presented up front prior to making your decision. The people who donate their time and money to rescuing these dogs do it for the love of the breed. They want these dogs placed with the proper family and they do interview prospective owners. Do not let this intimidate you, go with it and be honest. There are many dogs out there looking for a family to call their own.

Boxer Adtoption: The Boxer Personality

Boxers are a great breed of dog for families. They are fun loving, loyal, and brave dogs. I've mentioned before that I was owned by two boxers, and I meant it. They owned me, I didn't own them. Each of them had a distinctively different personality, but both of them had the goofy, happy, intelligent traits all boxers seem to be born with.

Prior to getting our first dog, we were told boxers don't shed. Please let me tell you right now, they do. They shed, there is no doubt about that. Because their hair is so short, it might not seem all that bad, but they definitely shed! This can be lessened by brushing them outside once a week or more.

Because boxers are very intelligent (don't let their fun loving persona fool you) training is necessary for them. They are medium sized dogs, but they are very strong. Most boxers I knew are easily trained with food and lots of praise. They also have a lot of energy, especially when they are younger. Take them for walks or throw a ball or stick for them in the yard. If you want to get them more active, boxers do great at agility training!

Boxer Adoption: Please Consider

If you do choose to consider boxer adoption, please locate the closest boxer rescue and contact them. Most of them have websites with available dogs. Even if you don't see one available that jumps out at you, contact the rescue anyway to get the application process going. That way, they will know you and what you are looking for. When a new dog becomes available and they think you'll be the perfect match, they will contact you right away.

Boxers are a great breed and deserve the love you have to offer. Give boxer adoption a shot, once you are owned by one, you'll never be owned by another breed! Take it from me!


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    • flounderingsahm profile image

      flounderingsahm 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Thanks MaryRenee and Jeanie! I never like boxers growing up because the ones I met were super hyper, but as an owner I know they are only like that when company comes over! LOL. I'm not sure I will ever be owned by another breed of dog.

    • profile image

      MaryRenee 7 years ago

      What a great hub! I've never had a Boxer, but I've wanted one since I was little. They're such sweet, beautiful dogs. I'm definetly going to adopt a Boxer one day. Awesome hub! :)

    • jeanie.stecher profile image

      jeanie.stecher 7 years ago from Seattle

      I love boxers.=) I have one right beside me now. Boxers are very friendly yet protective dog and not to mention they are easy to teach and cute. Nice hub you have here. :)