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Is a Pug Dog the right pet for you?

Updated on October 23, 2012

Pug Art

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Quick History of the Pug Breed

The Pugs lineage is one of the old and goes back 400 years before Jesus Christ popped out on to the straw. Its suspected origins are from the Pekingese or Bulldog. In either case the breed came from Asia and was popular among Tibetan monasteries. When the breed was imported to Japan and Europe the breed became well known among royalty. The breed was officially recognized by the AKC in 1885 and it is noted that the Pugs talents lay in being a watch dog (alerting owners of approaching danger, not necessarily doing anything about it) and performing tricks.

Is a pug dog the right choice for your home?

I never really liked pugs. I always thought they were kind of ugly and slobbery. But then recently I've been introduced to a number of pugs of family friends and I've developed a rather sweet spot in my heart for these comical funny little dogs with the heavy breathing.

Pugs have a number of things going for them. First they are extremely portable. Their compact size and statue allows those with limited space to enjoy a dog and to easily transport them on your travels. They are known for being good watchdogs (they are not general yappers but they will bark at intruders) as well as learning tricks. Grooming pugs is easy. Their short hair can be brushed and shampoo as need. The only tricky area is their facial creases which should be cleaned regularly. Their eyes tear so around the eyes will need occasional attention.

Pugs like to eat and need a lot of exercise. Many pugs become obese simple because they follow the lifestyles of their owners - over eating and not getting enough exercise. If you are going to own a pug, watch the treats and take them out for daily walks.

Pugs make wonderful pets for both adults and children. They are a delight with their antics and add a bit of comical behavior to daily life. For example, the photo on the right is "Pete the Pug" and when he takes a pee he bends his body over to the extreme, until you are sure that he is going to actually topple over! I laugh every time I see it.

Couple of downsides of pugs. From my experience they can get nervous easily which can lead to peeing. Also that raspy breathing due to their squat faces can take a while to get used to. Shedding can be a problem. I've witnessed this myself, a pug can drop a huge amount of short hairs seasonally when they shed.

As far as living conditions, pugs like a moderate temperature which is great for inside living but cannot stand hot or cold conditions. Pugs tend to catch colds easily and are prone to allergies. Their short muzzle was breed for looks, not so much practicality and as such Pugs suffer from poor ventilation which leads to heat intolerance, wheezing and snoring issues.

Pugs can develop jealous behaviors if their "pack leader" i.e. you the owner are not strong. Make sure you don't let your pug take over. Pack leaders need to show proper leadership

Do you own a pug? Share your experiences in the comments section!


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    • Eiddwen profile image


      6 years ago from Wales

      A brilliant hub ;I have never had one of these dogs and didn't know too much about them.

      However I loved this hub and learnt a lot also.



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