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Isle of Dogs Luxury Dog Grooming Products

Updated on April 15, 2011

Isle of Dogs Products

Founded by two champion-dog breeders, The Isle of Dogs Company has developed a line of dog grooming products that provide solutions to many of our dogs everyday issues. 

Taking into account that there are several variables that determine what type of grooming regimin your dog will truly benefit from, Isle of Dogs has done a wonderful job of combining science, and natural substances to produce shampoos, conditioners and other grooming aids that have proven to be effective.

The whole line started with a shampoo developed with Evening Primrose Oil that was used to treat dogs with chronic dermatitis.  The innovative shampoo was a breakthrough, as it not only treated the skin condition, but left the hair amazingly silky and luxurious. 

Fleas, itching, and scratching do not need to be part of your pet's life.  With the right dog grooming system, a system that is complete for the skin and coat, your dog can enjoy health, beauty, and well-being.


Isle of Dogs Rehab Kits For Dog Grooming Solutions

Isle of Dogs has so many terrific products that it can be a challenge to decide which might be the right choice to start with.

The Rehab Kits are a great way to get your dogs skin and coat off to the right start.  You receive a three piece set geared toward specific issues, with smaller bottles to make trying all three items more economical.  You will see the results, and be able to decide if these are just right for your dog.

Isle of Dogs Rehab Kits For Dog Hair and Skin

Rehab for Dry Skin Kit contains products soothe itchy, flaky skin with a triple dose of Evening Primrose, which is full of essential fatty acids. This set provides instant relief.

Rehab for Dull Hair Kitcontains everything to achieve optimal results for dull hair.  You'll see immediate benefits from the products and the directions.

Rehab for Shedding Kit reduces shedding with regular bathing with the Royal Jelly Shampoo, conditioning with No. 51 Heavy Management Conditioner, and misting with the Evening Primrose Oil Conditioning Mist.

Rehab for Tangled Hair Kitis a three step solution offering professional results.  Smooth hair, less tangling, and enjoyable brushing for you and your dog.  The Detangle Conditioning Mist is a life-saver!

Rehab for Thinning Hair Kit gives volume to sparse, lackluster and fine hair with the protein and vitamin-rich pure Royal Jelly Shampoo, Light Conditioner and Primrose Oil Mist.  You'll soon see thick and full hair, that's has a glossy shine and silky feel.



Isle of Dogs Vanity Series For Dog Grooming

A collection of professional styling products designed for the demands of show grooming and competitive styling. 

The Vanity Series maintains the health and manageability of the dog coat.  Mixing and layering the products help you achieve a variety of styles.

Play, have fun, interact with your dog as you give your dog a look that any pampered pup will be proud to sport!

Isle of Dogs Natural and Organic Dog Supplements

All natural treats that focus on issues affecting many of our dogs today.

Treat For My Breath works on bad breath with Sweet Milk and Toffee extracts.  It helps to keep breath fresh with whole grains, orgainc fruis and vegetables and whole flax seeds.

Treat For My Nerves maintains the health of the central nervous system.  Helps with separation anxiety, travel, changes in routine and other fears.

Treat For 14 Days is formulated with a patented strain of beneficial bacteria for a 14-day regimen the adds healthy active cultures into your dog's digestive system.  Lemon and Peppermint, along with organic fruits and vegetables combine to make a yummy treat.


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