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Jack Chi Hybrid Dogs (Jackchi, Jack-Chi, Jackahuahua)

Updated on June 26, 2011

Jack Chi Physical Description

The Jack Chi is a wonderful hybrid dog that has the alert characteristics, perky fox-like face and solid yet not bulky body of both the Jack Russell Terrier as well as the Chihuahua. The ears can be either pricked or turned over at the tip, wide at the base and coming to a distinct point. The muzzle is long and narrow and the eyes are well set and not bulging or protruding. The Jack Chi can favor the longer legs and taller stance of the Jack Russell or it can be shorter legged and more fine boned. This hybrid can range in height from approximately 8 inches at the shoulder to up to 15 or more inches. In addition the weight will vary from the smaller dogs at 5 pounds to the larger dogs weighing closer to 20 pounds. Typically the taller the dog the heavier he or she will be. Colors can range from solid browns, fawns and tans through to black and tan, black and white, tri colored or white and brown.

The Jackahuahua

Dog Temperament

The Jack Chi tends to be an excellent family dog, highly intelligent although some may be possessive of the family, objects and other things they see as belonging to them. They are good watch dogs and are often more aggressive than may be expected in protecting their property and family.

The Jack Chi is a fairly active dog but will do well in a small living space provided they have routine exercise. A very fun loving dog they are playful and love to chase. With this higher prey instinct they do need to be on a leash or in a fenced yard. The Jack Chi can be socialized with cats, other dogs and children, but is not considered ideal for families with rodents and smaller pets that may be seen as prey animals.

Jack Chi Puppies

Grooming and General Care of the Jack Chi

The short yet dense coat of the Jack Chi dog requires little in the way of special care other than a twice a week brushing with a medium bristled brush or a slicker brush. They may have some issues with dental problems so routine brushing and feeding kibble rather than softer, moist foods is highly recommended.

As with any type of hybrid with a toy breed in the breeding line be sure to inquire about the health and temperament of the parent dogs. Also avoid the toy sized Jack Chi hybrids as the smaller the dog the greater the chance that there will be health conditions that may be problematic as the dog matures.

Clubs and Registries

  • ACHC

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