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Jack Russel - a full time dog

Updated on May 27, 2013

Jack Russel is a big dog on the inside

When we got our first Jack Russel Terrier, the owner told us to treat it like a Doberman.

Jack Russel has an enormous strong will and apetite for life. You are really making a good wise choice if you go to a training school with the puppy. There you will get advises and good knowledge how to manage this energy knot :)

This is a dog who needs a lot of mental training together with the physical one. They love to have difficulties to solve, to perform hard tasks and they need a lot of pure exercise.

We took our dog out on a big field where there was water rats in the ground. Sometimes I brought a chair and a book. She could be there for hours digging with both paws and teeth. You can only guess how she looked when we finally had to go home. But oh man - did she love it. One day she acually cought one of those big rats. She could harldy carry it home because it was dragging on the ground under her chin.

Our Jack Russel



Agility is a trial event in which dogs traverse a maze of obstacles and compete for speed and accuracy. Terriers jump through tires, zip through tunnels, scale a 5'7" A-Frame, traverse a narrow "dog walk", negotiate a see-saw, zigzag through closely spaced, upright poles and soar over a variety of challenging hurdles. The sport has an overwhelming spectator appeal, largely because of the fast pace, the challenging and visually appealing obstacles and the contagious enthusiasm displayed by the dogs.


Obedience involves both terrier and handler. Handler and terrier are required to perform a series of exercises that test the obedience of the terrier. Each exercise is graded by the obedience judge. Points may be subtracted for minor and substantial faults.


Racing is perhaps the most exciting of all the terrier trial events. A sanctioned track is a straight course with a starting box at one end and a stack of straw bales at the other. A lure is attached to a string that is pulled along by a generator. The dogs are muzzled for safety. The first dog through the hole in the straw bales is the winner.

Two guys in love with a JR puppy =D


Go-to-Ground is an event that simulates a hunting situation. The terrier traverses a tunnel and attempts to find a quarry at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel has several turns to make it a harder for the terrier. The terrier with the fastest time to the quarry is considered the winner. The terrier must mark (i.e., bark, scratch, whine) to qualify the time.

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Look at this video - what energy there

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    • mulberry1 profile image

      Christine Mulberry 

      9 years ago

      I've never had a small dog, but I had a neighbor who had a Jack Russell pup for 6 months or so. I know the video here says barking can be a problem, but my neighbors pup never barked. He would some times rush up to me to greet me or play but he never made a sound. Maybe he was just unusual.


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