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Jack Russell Terrier Dogs

Updated on October 5, 2009


 A couple of months we got a dog. A dog that we hoped would be part of the family. The dog chosen was a Jack Russell Terrier.

What a great breed! The dog is smart, cute, trains fast and friendly. What really surprised me was just how people oriented they are. They love people and insist on being with us 24\7, which actually is a nuisance. They also demand to be part of whatever it is you are doing, often getting in the way!

Lola, barks at brooms, vacuum cleaners, wheel barrows, rakes whenever you try to use them. She will get a whiff of a scent and suddenly either she gets the "zoomies", where she rips across the yard numerous times until she tires out, which is funny or she will dig a hole! She is a great jogging dog, so when I go out, she does too, and pretty much stays with me most of the time even though she is pup. She has acclimated with our cats rather well after THEY put her in her place upon first arrival (a few swats did that), however, she and a male cat actually play tag with one another until the cat tires of the barking and jumps a tree or chases the dog off, very funny.

When I am around, she will bring me toys to play with or throw the ball, in other words, she is asking, "play with me". They do tend to rely on you too much, they are not the kind of dog that occupies themselves. They follow you wherever you go. Cute but annoying at times.

Jack Russell dogs are small, not more than 20 lbs. and have either long or short hair. They eat anything. They are a strong dog for their size and have an amazing nose that can smell out anything. They do tend to get into trouble as puppies, they chew on everything. So when you leave to go out put them in the back yard so there are no surprises when you get home! They love to snuggle with their owners and are creatures of habit. They seem to have a short attention span, which means things are always happening and monitoring is required.

The dog is fine for a moderate size yard or a small one, but you would need to take her out daily to release pent up energy, jogging is best.  They truly love to run and run and run. They will match whatever energy you put out. It is a wonderful breed for kids, very loving dog.

At the Beach
At the Beach
Lola's playmate
Lola's playmate


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