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Jaypet nurses wounded mother Oriole back to health

Updated on January 24, 2015

With Jaypet, Mother Oriole showed signs of life

Gingerly Jaypet cupped the wounded bird in his hand and headed towards home. "Don't you worry. You'll get well", he consoled the birds. Miraculously, the bird opened its eyes though with difficulty. Unmistakable signs of life began to show in the bird. It started breathing very faintly at the start until all its senses were back to normal.

Birdlings kept asking for more

Mother Oriole didn't tarry; her attention was divided between her missing mate and the hungry birdies. Sipping some nectar and picking pollen grains, she winged her way back to the acacia branch where the nest was Sensing their mother, the voracious birdies opened their mouths wide. Hastily Mother Oriole did her feeding and the little birds gulped the food down. They were not contented. They kept chirping for more.

Mother Oriole kept waiting

She ate some for herself. Satisfied, the birdies went to sleep. But not Mother Oriole. She kept waiting for Father Oriole. She kept thinking of him. She kept thinking of him far into the night. Why did Father Oriole fail to come back home? Bad thoughts came to her mind.. With the parent-bird gone, Mother Oriole assumed the dual responsibilities with fortitude.

Mother Oriole gave her young more food

Mother Oriole glided swiftly back to the hunting area. As dusk was drawing near, she sipped and sipped nectar and picked and picked pollen grains here and there as fast as she could. Back in the nest, Mother Oriole swallowed out much of the food for her youngs.

Father Oriole is missing

FOR unknown reasons, Father Oriole failed that Saturday afternoon to return home on time. His ugly birdlings now with bills widely open were waiting for food. Alarmed, Mother Oriole left her hungry birdlings in the nest and flew out to their favorite hunting ground to look for Father Oriole. In vain.

Rude Ariston hit the bird down from its perch

One fateful day having done all the bird chores, Mother Oriole perched atop a branch by the nest to rest. She was unaware of the danger that would soon befall her. TOK! A pebble hurled from a slingshot hit her hard on the body. Bull's eye! Bull's eye! I hit the bird!, Ariston shouted with glee as he ran to catch the oriole in midair.

A good-for-nothing out-of- school tot, a bully and a marksman in the use of the slingshot were Ariston's unprecedented credentials

Jaypet bought Ariston's dying bird for 5-peso

Jaypet, the soft-hearted boy, didn't lose hope. He thought of a bright idea. Fishing out from his pocket a five-peso coin, Jaypet offered it to Ariston in exchange for the dying oriole. Ariston's eyes gleamed with approval. He readily handed his bird to Jaypet and pocketed the money. Ariston with his slingshot went onward with his hunting spree.

Jaypet wants to take care of the wounded bird

Jaypet, in hot pursuit, grappled with Ariston for the possession of the wounded bird. But, true to form, Ariston overpowered Jaypet. "It's my bird! Wanna fight?", Ariston challenged Jaypet. "But let me have the bird!, Jaypet begged for mercy. "I'll set it free. Her birdlings are a pity if she'll die".

Hardheaded, Ariston stood his ground. He wouldn't part with the bird. To him, it was prize-catch; his twenty-first. He would knife-engrave a mark as such in the wooden handle of his slingshot

Happy, Jaypet gave mother bird food, care and protection

Nobody was happier than Jaypet at the turn of events. He showered the creature with all his love and care. . He applied medicine to its wound. He fed her enough nectar and pollen grains. He let her drink clean water. He placed her in a cage safe and secure from the menacing house dog and cat.

Jaypet sets Mother Oriole free to be with her birdlings

After a week's time, Mother Oriole showed eagerness to fly home- to be with her youngs. She clawed and picked at the cage bars. With jittery eyes, she pleaded Jaypet for liberty. Jaypet granted the bird's wish. After his meal, Jaypet flicked open the cage door. Out flew Mother Oriole and alighted onto an empty chair. It tarried awhile, glancing meaningfully at her savior. It was her way of saying, Thank you.

Happy reunion in the nest

Then she flew out the window right into the spreading acacia tree where the nest and birdlings were.. She was aghast to find her youngs hale and hearty despite her absence. But she knew pretty well who the good Samaritan was.

Jaypet had taken good care of the birdlings as surrogate Mother Bird while Mother Oriole was ill.

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