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Jumbo Cat Litter Mats are Getting Hotter than Ever this Christmas

Updated on December 13, 2017
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Mat you can Bet to be the Best

No worries even for larger Cats
No worries even for larger Cats

Heavy Duty Mat Leaves Nothing Behind

Are you concerned with your cat’s well-being and thinking about getting something good for it? Then, you won’t have to be choosy and search for all the products on the web. The jumbo cat litter mat is the best gift you can get for yourself and for your cat-owner friend this Christmas.

The mat comes with anti-tracking smartgrip material on the upper side of the mat so that nothing that falls from your cat’s claws get scattered on the floor. The super easy to wash mat is also very lightweight and durable. And when it comes to looks, you can use it at any of your house’s corners or on the midst of the floor without having to care for the looks; it looks awesome everywhere.

Cat's Love, Owner's Peace

The mat is very durable and easy to use. As it doesn’t slide from one place to another, the mat is easy to clean and keep placed on one position for very long times. And even if your kitty wants to play with it, the smart-grip of the mat ensures it does not get displaced, making it a perfect product to contain all cat litter without making any noise.

It is also easy to keep your litter tray or box area clean, tidy and mess free. Despite the super XXL size (47.5x36 inches), the heavy-duty mat doesn’t tear. It is very easy to clean too - simply sweep, vacuum or pick up the light weight pad and shake trapped granules from the grooves as needed.

Enjoy a peaceful life with a lot of kitties now.


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