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Just wanted you to enjoy what I do

Updated on October 9, 2009
mallards in the lake
mallards in the lake

     I just wanted to take a few minutes to enjoy some of God's greatest gifts. I am an avid outdoors men. I love everything in nature, and ducks are my favorite. This is a lake just outside of the University I go to in Memphis TN. The ducks are wild, they are not tame or "resident" birds. I love these animals. These are the most beautiful birds on the planet if you ask me.

     Ducks are amazing animals. They are extremely intelligent and protective of their young. I used to take part in a federal survey that monitors the birth rates of ducks in the wild. When you come a cross a nest with hatched young, the mother duck will fly a short distance and act injured. This would draw the attention of a normal predator. The predator would then chance the wounded mother as she slowly drew it away from the nest. I had the pleasure of witnessing this several times.

      Many people take the intelligence of animals for granted. Not to mention the pleasure gained just from experiencing nature. To me there is nothing better than waking at 3 am when its about 19degrees outside, just to sit in the water for 5 hours and watch flight after flight of waterfowl. The bliss and peace from watching a sunrise is just amazing to me. I prefer the sunrise to the sunset. Anyways I hope you enjoy the pic and the video.


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    • pintails7886 profile image

      pintails7886 6 years ago from Memphis TN

      Thanks Micky, that really means a lot.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 6 years ago

      Keep on ducking and keep on writing nephew! Your life is unique! Take my advice - I never do - and write thoughts down as soon as possible. You're good son!

    • pintails7886 profile image

      pintails7886 8 years ago from Memphis TN

      OH WOW what a beautiful pic,AlhumdiliAllah, Thank you Genius Muslim. May Allah bless you always.

    • profile image

      GeniusMuslim 8 years ago

      I tried posting this for you more than once on Madina but it didn't work...It's my way of saying thank you :)