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Hero Dog Saves Master's Daughters

Updated on May 13, 2012

Kabang the Hero Dog

Her name was Kabang, a simple dog of the city of Zamboanga, Philippines. There were nothing something special about her. She had no fur that could easily get attention. She didn’t had a degree by which her appearance was to be praise nor she had parts of her that can be set once a trademark. She can be once seen on the streets by which part of her be like an “askal” playing with other pets and class isn’t a matter that concerns much. She wasn’t big that any could be disturbed but she certainly had the character to have her be called the hero dog.

Her heroism points way back few months earlier. She had no defect by that time and was considered as a normal ordinary dog. Her health was good enough that only the incident had made an attending threat on it now. She was along side the street with her master’s children when it all happened. It was a simple day with two kids and their dog as what they once thought. The weather brings about a much comfort that day as they were just hanging out by the time. They were two girls (Dina age 11 and Princess age 3) and both still young at their age that they need to learn how to cross the streets properly. By the end of the day, they would have been learned how lucky they would be. When they crossed the street, all of a sudden a speeding motor came in sight. The two girls saw it and was in the blink of a dangerous position. They more have been focus on getting to the other side that they forgot to see if all were clear of safety. The chills covered their bodies knowing what could lie ahead. the scene seize their moves as their in a collision. Seeing the situation her master’s daughters are in, Kabang leap ahead to the course. Her desire to save them was the primary thing of her action. It was a risk she had take which matters not the sacrifice. It caused the driver to divert his automobile. The critical seconds of the scene made an impact that marked the fate of the two girl’s lives. Kabang’s nose was caught between the front tire. It rotated her exceedingly. It drag Kabang a few meters away from where once she stood looking. The driver sensed the distress that made things slowly evaluated. As he stopped the vehicle, there was kabang without a nose. Speechless, the fact remain for the dog's fate. She was quickly aided and is in a fine condition now. It was a sacrifice that could have meant her life all to save the two girls.

Her story quickly got attention that people got intrigued to know her act. Media men came to her with the brink of curiosity. For sure, she was the apple of the eye. It was hard fact to ignore that Kabang’s risk was worth the effort. Awe filled the room when the sight of the dog was acknowledged. It was an amazing picture how a dog can make a mark for many. It was a confirmation that meant an inspiration. She was treated with deep care on her condition. She was soon featured on the news. The country’s top sources of headlines brought in their remark with it on the press. TV news has it on top. Her popularity grew that day after day, many came to see the hero dog. They wanted to get up close to her more. She was a real lifesaver.

But, if there were one person of whom she had please the most, then it would be her master Bunggal. She not only saved her daughters’ lives but made a wider perception on him. Many people came for Kabang offering food and money to the family.

“We are so thankful” Bunggal said “We did not ask for those things but still we are thankful”

As some people came bringing needs for Kabang, the family is just happy for it.

One time, a visitor came to see the dog. He had it in mind the purpose that would favor the dog. Seeing the situation, the dog is in, he gave a lechon for kabang.

Some people however saw how pity the dog’s condition is. It is true that because of her upper snout gone, she is having tough time eating. This kind of scene was inevitable. Seeing the dog’s future this way they relented to other means. The suggestion of mercy killing was a fact in their thoughts. However, Bunggal would not turn to such an idea. He loved the dog and had compassion on her.

They treat her as part of their family. It was a unique thing that she did and they in turn has it in mind to return the favor.

As now, Kabang’s bravery took a stand that cause him to lose her nose and took rough times as consequence. She made an impact that influenced many ever since. She not only saved her master’s daughters but serve now as a hero that the society all well acknowledged.


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    • profile image

      KDuBarry03 5 years ago

      Very very sad that the dog has to go through such a life now; but that dog is a saint for this family! Bless her! Definitely a heartwarming story and very touching!

    • pippap profile image

      pippap 5 years ago from Surrey, BC

      That story has touched my heart. What a selfless act that dog committed; and, I am so glad her owner is taking care of her.

    • Sparrowlet profile image

      Katharine L Sparrow 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      Sad but heartwarming story! You told it well.