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Keep His Paws Neat & Healthy With Dog Nail Clippers

Updated on March 20, 2011

Dog Nail Clippers Are Important To Any Canine

 Dog nail clippers are one of the most important grooming tools for your pet. Letting a dog's nails grow too long can result in pain when walking and can even lead to infection. Dog nails will start to curl as they grow and can turn back into a dog's foot; a very painful condition. Nails that are too long can get snagged on carpet or even be pulled right off. The best dog nail clippers to use at home are ones that are sharp and deliver a clean cut. You could also take your dog to a professional to have their nails trimmed but one visit will cost as much as a good pair of dog nail clippers.

Clipping your dog's nails should be done on a regular basis. The frequency depends on how active your dog is. Dogs who spend a lot of time indoors may need their nails trimmed once a month, while dogs that do a lot of running will only need it done every other month. Walking your dog on a rough surface like pavement can actually help keep nails short by wearing them down naturally.

The most preferred style of dog nail clippers.
The most preferred style of dog nail clippers.

Dog Nail Clippers Must Not Cause Bleeding

 When you do clip your dogs nail, be especially mindful of the blood line, also known as the quick. Accidentally cutting the quick is painful for the dog and will result in a lot of bleeding. Sometimes holding your dog's paw in front of a source of light will make the quick more visible, but you may want to trim just the tips to avoid clipping it. If necessary, cornstarch or baking powder can be used to staunch blood flow.

Many dogs do not enjoy getting their nails trimmed. If you find your dog or yourself getting agitated, take a break and try again later when you've both calmed down. For extreme cases, you may need to have a groomer or your vet trim the nails.

These guillotine nail clippers can be difficult to position.
These guillotine nail clippers can be difficult to position.

The Endless Variety Of Dog Nail Clippers

 Choosing a style of dog nail clippers to use depends on your personal preference. The most popular style of clippers looks like pliers with two curved blades. You place the nail between the blades and squeeze the handles to cut. It's easy to determine just where to cut with these clippers.

Another style is the guillotine nail clippers. The dog's nail is placed through a metal guide while a blade comes up to trim it. These clippers can be difficult to use and are not the best choice for large nails that are quite tough.

Scissor style nail clippers are similar to pliers, with curved blades, but they have handles like a pair of scissors. These are best used on puppies and toy breeds as they are not very strong.

Scissor nail clippers are only good for use on soft nails.
Scissor nail clippers are only good for use on soft nails.

Sharp Dog Nail Clippers Make Clean Cuts

 No matter what style you prefer to use, a sharp pair of dog nail clippers is important for accuracy and making clean cuts. If a nail becomes jagged it can splinter and get infected. If you need to, you can use a metal nail file designed for dogs to smooth down the edges.

Tips For Trimming Your Dog's Nails

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