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Keep Your Dog Happy With These Dog Toys

Updated on January 28, 2010

Your dog might seem like your best friend, a family pet with extraordinary intelligence and a loving nature, but keep in mind that your dog is still an animal and that in the wild they would have do certain things that you cannot allow in your home. For that reason, we give them dog toys to keep them occupied and stifle their desire to dig holes in the living room carpet or eat your earnings report for work.

There are numerous kinds of dog toys, all designed to help your dog avoid certain activities that they would normally perform. Keep your dog happy and entertained with good dog toys and you'll likely have nothing to worry about in terms of bad behaviors around the house.

Chewing Dog Toys

One of the most common instincts you might notice your dog performing is that of chewing. Dogs chew for many reasons. Puppies do it to ease tension, soothe gums, and teethe as their teeth grow in, fall out, and grow back in. Adult dogs use their mouths solely and so chew to keep their jaws strong. Most of all though, a dog will chew to stave off boredom. For that reason, it's good to have a couple of dog toys for them to chew on regularly.

Activity Dog Toys

Active lifestyle is vital to your dog's health. By keeping them active and fit, you can ensure that they live longer and healthier lives. By using good activity toys, you can build your dog's muscles strength and endurance over time.

Not only do you help your dog stay fit and active with these toys, but you can ensure that they are getting the social interaction they need. Regularly playing fetch with your dog's favorite toy can be a great activity to help them overcome much of their early hesitance in life.

There are hundreds of toy options out there these days. You can offer your dog simple balls or Frisbees or complicated hybrid fetch toys that come in any number of different materials.

When a dog is young they have large amounts of excess energy, and while you should make sure not to overwork your dog, it's a good idea to keep them exercised on a regular basis, working some of that excess off when they are not sleeping.

Once a dog is fully grown, dog toys help to keep muscles, bones, and organs all in top notch. It staves off boredom, keeps them fit, and keeps those unwanted destructive behaviors to a minimum.

Reward Dog Toys

Dogs never spend time alone in the wild. As pack animals, they are always with other dogs, and for that reason it's important to treat them carefully when you leave them alone. Choose specialty toys that will not only keep them occupied while you are gone, but that you can hide treats inside of so as they keep themselves occupied in the future.

Any toy that hides a treat away or offers sound or movement in response to play will stimulate your puppy and keep them from developing destructive tendencies later in life.

Choosing the Right Toys

Ideally, you should have one or two of each of these kinds of dog toys. Don't buy too many, lest you over stimulate your dog. However, keeping them occupied and entertained regularly is the best way to maintain some peace around the home and help them stay fit.


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