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Keep Your Pet Happy On The Road In A Dog Carrier

Updated on March 20, 2011

A Dog Carrier Is Like A Small, Portable Crate

A dog carrier is similar in style to a crate but on a much smaller scale. Crates are large and mainly used for night sleeping and security during travel, while a dog carrier is used to actually carry around small pets. Commonly made of plastic with a handle on top, carriers can be used to take your dog wherever you go. If you prefer something a little more stylish you can get designer dog carrier totes like those seen used by celebrities.

Fit Your Dog Carrier To The Size Of Your Dog

A dog carrier should have enough room for your pet to move around in and to lie down comfortably. Confining a pet to a small space can cause agitation and stress.

Designer dog carriers are the latest craze!
Designer dog carriers are the latest craze!

If you'll be travelling for a long time, or will be in an area with other animals, choose a carrier made of solid plastic to minimize visual disturbances. A wire door and slits on the side will allow plenty of air flow. A popular choice for airplane travel is a Sherpa dog carrier. Similar in style to a gym bag, this soft-sided carrier features shoulder and hand straps, breathable mesh windows and a zippered door for easy entry.

Sherpa dog carriers come in many designer fashions.
Sherpa dog carriers come in many designer fashions.

A Dog Carrier Can Be Metal, Plastic Or Even Cloth

The right sized dog carrier is important to minimize your pet moving around too much. If it's too big, your pet can get excited and cause the carrier to tip over. Allow just enough space for your dog to turn around and lie down. For extra comfort, bring along your dog's favorite blanket or toy to relax him and remind him of home.

Choose a dog carrier with a sturdy handle that is easy to grasp. If your dog weighs over twenty pounds you may want to consider a dog carrier on wheels. A telescopic handle, like those found on suitcases, make this type of carrier easy to maneuver.

Plastic dog carriers now come in fun colors!
Plastic dog carriers now come in fun colors!

A Tiny Dog Carrier Can Be Like A Purse!

 Many people like to keep their pets close so there are dog carrier purses that are ideal for toy-sized dogs less than ten pounds. Usually made of soft fabric, these carriers can be quite comfortable for your pet to ride around in. For dogs that are a little larger, try an Outward Hound pet carrier. Designed like a kangaroo pouch, this carrier slips over both shoulders like a back-pack and allows you to keep your hands free.

Even though travel dog carriers allow you to take your pet everywhere, it's not a good idea to take them into a restaurant or other food establishment. In fact, health regulations forbid animals from being anywhere near food preparations. So when dining out, leave Fido at home!

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