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Keep Your Pet Warm & Fashionable With Dog Clothes!

Updated on July 16, 2011

Dog Clothes Are As Varied As People Clothes!

 Dog clothes are no longer just the plain or plaid sweaters used to keep a pet warm.  The options have expanded to include a wide variety of fashionable outfits and costumes, often accompanied by matching shoes, boots and accessories! While most of the dog clothes available are strictly fashion pieces with no purpose there are some that are actually useful. Some practical dog clothes include stylish sweaters, rain coats and insulated foot covers.

Your dog can be the star of the canine (cat)walk with fancy dog clothes!
Your dog can be the star of the canine (cat)walk with fancy dog clothes!
It amuses some people to "marry" their pets!
It amuses some people to "marry" their pets!

There Are Dog Clothes To Fit All Dogs, From Tiny To Huge!

 Many small dog breeds have short or thin coats and will easily get chilled during rainy or snowy weather. A sweater or jacket will provide warmth while keeping your dog dry during walks. Since keeping a dog warm is of utmost importance you'll find sweaters and jackets made to fit all sizes, from Chihuahua to Great Dane.

Dog shoes and boots are included in pet apparel and are ideal for keeping your pet's feet dry and warm as well as preventing dirt from being tracked into your home. It's especially important to cover a dog's feet if you live in areas that reach temperatures below -10° C. Walking on freezing snow or ice can be very painful for a dog.

Use your own clothes and accessories to dress up big dogs!
Use your own clothes and accessories to dress up big dogs!

Dog Clothes Are A Cold Weather Necessity!

 For those who love to take their dog boating with them, it may be a good idea to invest in a doggy life vest. Not only are the vests brightly colored for visibility, most have a handle on the back that you can easily grab to pull your pet back into the boat. Something else to consider for safety are reflective vests for you and your dog, especially if you like take evening walks.

Dog clothing are often categorized in the following sizes: extra small, small, medium, large, extra large. Since many pet stores allow animals to accompany you inside, it is best to take your dog along and try on the clothes before purchase them. If that's not possible then you'll want to measure your dog for an accurate fit. For clothing, measure from the base of the neck to base of the tail (not the tip). For shoes, measure from the back pad to the longest toenail.

There are so many cute outfits to choose from!
There are so many cute outfits to choose from!

Dog Clothes Are More Difficult To Locate For Large Dogs

 While many pet stores do carry big dog clothing, however the range of styles for them are nowhere near as diverse as those for small dog clothing.

There are also numerous fashion accessories for dogs that include sunglasses, hats, purses, hair clips and bows, collar charms and leg bands. Bright colors and sparkly jewels are just some of the looks you can go for!

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