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Keeping A Rabbit In The House

Updated on December 26, 2009

Our Collection Of House Rabbit Photos

Yes You Can Keep A Rabbit Or Two In Your House Just Like A Dog Or Cat

The very first thing I would suggest to anyone thinking of keeping a rabbit in the house is to learn everything possible about rabbits. Google and its search feature is one of the best ways for the curious to learn as much as you want to about any subject including , Keeping A Rabbit In The House. I have rabbits and cats living in the house and they get along fine but some people have reported to me over the years that they have had problems keeping cats and rabbits in the same house. So first of all you need to borrow books from the public library and use Google and the internet to learn everything you can about rabbits.

You really don't need to keep one rabbit by its self because the rabbit needs company. In my experience two females get along better than two males and if you keep a male and a female together your going to have baby rabbits and unless you want your home to be over run with rabbits you will want to stick with two females. Spaying or neutering either the male or the female will allow you to keep a pair of rabbits in the house with out the fear of having your home over run with bunny rabbits.

You will want to find a vet who is experienced with small animals including rabbits and be sure to find a vet that you are comfortable with. You will want your rabbits to have a check up when you purchase them and they should have a check up at least once a year. You can also have your vet to spay or neuter your male or female rabbit or both. If they are spayed or neutered they will tend to be friendlier and they will be heavier. It does usually cost more to have a rabbit spayed or neutered than it does a dog or a cat.

You will probably want to have a couple of litter boxes for your rabbits in different parts of the house. Be sure that the litter boxes you use are easy for your bunny to get into and out of easily. You will want to see where your rabbits like to go and place your rabbit litter boxes in that area. Use either shredded newspaper or silica cat litter for your rabbits litter boxes. My rabbits and cats use the same litter boxes but some will not.

You will want to choose one place in the home to feed and water your bunnies and you want it to always be at that spot. Use heavy ceramic bowls to water and feed your rabbits from because they will turn over the food and water bowls quite often unless the bowls are heavy enough to prevent this.

You should provide your rabbit with timothy hay as often as possible. Rabbits love it and it helps to keep them healthy. Find and purchase some blocks of untreated applewood and encourage your rabbits to chew on this. Apple wood will encourage them as they are attracted to it. Just be absolutely sure that it is not treated.

When you go to pick out your bunnies make sure that they are healthy and alert. You really want a rabbit that hops towards you and sniffs you if possible. The rabbits you choose should have no smell and their anus area should be clean. Your rabbits eyes should be bright and clear and their ears should be clean.

And really you need two bunnies not one. One rabbit in a house is going to get lonely so if you think you and your family can handle it start out with two rabbits and if you choose a pair of rabbits have one spayed or neutered as soon as you can and the other one later. If you keep a pair of rabbits and they are not spayed or neutered your rabbits will have offspring and before long you will be over run with baby bunnies.

But overall keeping a rabbit in the house can be fun and rewarding. Rabbits really don't like hugs but they do love to be scratched and petted as you will soon learn.

How About A Cabbit

Cabbits are not real. They are only an urban legend.
Cabbits are not real. They are only an urban legend.

I hope you enjoyed the photos of house rabbits we have here for you. Above are three great rabbit videos I am sure you will enjoy. Keeping a rabbit or two or three in your house with you can be quite an unusual experience. Before you know it they will be a part of the family and you will wonder how you ever lived with out rabbits in the house.

My cats and rabbits really have a fun time together and the older mother cat tries to baby the rabbits. If they get out of her sight she will make several loud meows and most often the rabbits will come to her. I'm not really sure if she thinks their cats or if she thinks she's a rabbit. She is especially close with the rabbits and some day I think I'm going to catch the cat eating hay. Or we might end up some day with a cabbit.

Seriously cabbits are not real. They are only a urban legend but I liked the photo.

However rabbits do make great house pets. You can easily housebreak them and one of mine is laying at my feet right now. He is hoping to get his ears scratched well before I go to bed.

Do Your Research:  Before you commit to buying any pet including a rabbit, please do your own independent research. Do everything possible to learn everything about rabbit's you possibly can before you ever purchase one. Remember your rabbit really needs another rabbit as a friend.

The text on this Hub Page was produced by Thomas Byers for this Hub Page and is not to be copied or used on other sites. Today's date is  Sunday , December 27 , 2009.

Do you have a rabbit as a house pet? Do you have any comments , questions , tips , or suggestions please post them now.

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      8 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      Awe, I like the Cabbit!


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