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Keeping the Kenyi Cichlid Metriaclima Lombardoi in a Home Aquarium

Updated on June 19, 2013
The female Kenyi Cichlid maintains it's blue and black coloration as it matures.
The female Kenyi Cichlid maintains it's blue and black coloration as it matures.

Many people that are looking to find an adequate addition to their home aquarium find that when you’re considering colorful and downright beautiful looking fish, most people tend to veer towards the saltwater fish rather than freshwater. The problem that comes into play is that saltwater fish can be extremely difficult to care for. For that reason many people look to searching out beautiful freshwater fish which is precisely what you get with the Kenyi Cichlid. However, there are a few things that you need to be concerned with when adding a Malawi Kenyi to your aquarium.

Kenyi Cichlid Temperament

While these fish can be absolutely beautiful to look at with their bright yellows and rich and detailed blues, you should be very careful not to let their appearance deceive you. They are extremely beautiful but as adults they can be extraordinarily aggressive. Their aggressive natures won’t be noticeable as juveniles. The problem comes in when they grow older; this is when they can become very aggressive and they do not mix well with other community fish. It's not uncommon for them to kill other fish because of their aggressive nature. This is something you want to look out for if you’re considering introducing this fish into a community aquarium. Kenyi Cichlids should not be kept in a community aquarium.

The male Kenyi Cichlid loses it's stripes as it matures and becomes a bright yellow color.
The male Kenyi Cichlid loses it's stripes as it matures and becomes a bright yellow color.

Tank Requirements

The Metriaclima Lombardoi or the Kenyi Cichlid will normally require a tank of the leased 55 gallons if not more. This is a very important aspect of the health and well-being of the Metriaclima Kenyi Cichlid. However, the size of the tank is not the only specification that is going to be right for this particular type of fish. In order for you to maximize this fish is comfort in its environment, a longer tank is preferable to a taller tank.

Water Requirements and Care

The M. Lombardoi will typically thrive in water temperatures that are 78ºC to 80ºC at all times. This type of fish is not very tolerant of cooler water and will die off rather quickly if you allow the water to become colder or warmer than this for extended periods of time.

Perhaps one of the best things about this particular Cichlid is that the care that you have to give to these fish are extremely limited. While their aggressiveness can be an issue, every other aspect of care for these particular freshwater fish are very simple and basic.

If you’re looking for a striking and beautiful addition to an aquarium then this Malawi Cichlid is an excellent fish to choose. With their aggressive nature it might be better if you simply only stock your aquarium with this type of fish. Fortunately, they are easy to care for and easy to breed and most importantly, they look fantastic in your home aquarium.


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