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Keeping the Tigers

Updated on April 13, 2015

Tiger in Nagzira Reserve


Problems with Keeping Tigers

People had worked to get tigers back. The numbers had gone up a bit. It is a difficult situation. They are beautiful animals and it would be sad not to see them anymore.

The country with the most tigers is India. There are tiger reserves there for the tigers. The problem is that some of the villages are encroaching on land that in previous years belonged to the tigers. Tigers need prey to eat. The world changing is a problem for them.

If the tigers need food and can't find any they could possibly attack the villagers. Most tigers do not attack men by preference. They have other prey. There is usually something wrong when a tiger turns to being a maneater. The trouble is that sometimes food is scarce for them.

The government has been trying to work things out in India about the tigers. Tigers are not allowed to be killed for no good reason. This does make it hard for people that are trying to protect people in the villages. Children have sometimes been taken by the tigers. It is a frightening thing for them to have that happen. Environmentalists insist on protecting the tigers.

Right now according to Voice of America, they are bribing the village people with incentives to leave the tigers alone. It is in the thousands of dollars. They need to make it worth their while. Even if a tiger is around, they cannot shoot at it unless it is an immediate threat.

Another problem is that the tigers have sometimes chased the wardens. That could be a problem. The tigers really cannot tell who is there to be a help to them.

One of the reserves had all of the tigers taken from poaching. They renewed the tiger population to try it again. It has been coming back.

There was a recent case where a young female tiger came near the village. They told the villagers to leave her alone and hoped that nothing bad would happen. She managed to find a mate and had two cubs after that. So it was a happy ending.

Save the Tigers is an organization of the World Wildlife Fund along with Leonardo DiCaprio that is working to save the tigers in the wild.


Tigers in zoos are one way of keeping them. It is hoped that if they are allowed to live in zoos, more can be raised and eventually released back in the wild.

The World Wildlife Fund organization does not truly like captive breeding of tigers. It is supposed to be very difficult. It takes them out of the wild that is best for them. Also they are afraid that since their parts are valuable, they might turn out to be sold for that reason.

Sariska Tiger Reserve

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Animals in Nagzira Reserve
Animals in Nagzira Reserve
Animals in Nagzira Reserve | Source

Problems with Poaching

Unfortunately, tiger bones and other parts are sought by poachers for traditional medicine. The medicine is believed to have power from the tiger. Getting a tiger can bring them a lot of money on the black market. Because other sources of tiger have dried out, they now turn to India. The people on the side of the tiger are afraid of tiger farms and people selling them on the black market to make the demand for it even worse.

The Chinese government has banned the use of tiger parts. But it is still a problem. The demand is high and the traditions don't change. Different parts of the tiger are believed to bring good luck. It is a lot of superstition. When tigers are worth so much to people that are poor it is a problem.

Tiger Cubs India Reserve


Tragedies with Tigers

Eighteen Bengal tigers were killed when they were released from a farm in Ohio along with other animals. The man had problems and let them out. He had killed himself. The sheriff had left word that they should be shot on sight when escaping. They had not tried at all to save them. Out of the 56 exotic animals 49 were killed. The tigers were unfortunately shot with the rest. Many thought there should have been an effort to save them. Since they are endangered it is a shame.

Russia also has tiger sanctuaries. In Russia they had previously rescued five tiger cubs. They later released two with a monitoring system last year. One of them at least ended up in China where it had begun to attack goats there. It is not going well that way. The tiger has a good chance of being shot. China has its own tiger program.

Titiana the Tiger


Tatiana the Tiger

This was a sad case in San Francisco where a tiger had to be shot at the zoo. The tiger, people say, had been taunted by three kids and attempted to get out of its enclosure. The tiger did succeed in getting out and attacked the boys. One of the young men was killed. The tiger had grabbed another and the police were forced to shoot her. People thought that the boys had been throwing things. The enclosure probably should have been better. There was a way for the tiger to escape.

Naming the tiger had developed a sympathy for her also. Many people did not blame the tiger since she had been bothered by the boys. It just got to be too much for her to take.

The tiger had lived in the zoo for years without that happening before. The tiger had grabbed a trainer's arm before. The trainer's arm was badly hurt. There should have been better precautions.

The two men that were left had sued the zoo and succeeded in getting money over the attack. They were awarded $900,000.

Protecting the Tigers WWF


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 2 years ago from USA

      I feel so badly for the animals. We have encroached on their habitat to such an extent.

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