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Kitten Proof Your Home For Ragdolls

Updated on January 31, 2012

When it comes to preparing your home to be a safe haven for your new pet, there are certain areas you should pay close attention. Like any kitten, Ragdolls are curious and daring to try anything. They would try to taste and touch things and play with them, too.

Info about Ragdoll cats gathered gave a basic list of dos and don’ts that you should follow to ensure your new Ragdoll kitten won’t get in trouble once they are on the process of settling in your house.

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Pointers on Kitty-Proofing

  • Don’t leave small items like pins, needles, hair accessories and jewelries lying around. These are choking hazards for your kitten.
  • When using appliances like hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron, don’t leave them unattended while it’s on or still hot. Your new Ragdoll kitty might get burned.
  • Don’t keep your laundry baskets open. You may opt to get a lid for your laundry basket or keep your laundry pile inside a laundry room with the door closed. Somehow, cats just like hanging around your laundry. They would lie on them and take a nap there. However, this is a potential danger because someone may not notice your kitten there and dumps clothes on it. Your kitty may suffocate if it gets tangled underneath the pile of clothes.
  • Do be attentive when you’re in the kitchen with your pet. They would most likely be dashing about while you are focused on doing what you went to the kitchen for. This is one are where your kitten can trip over wires, topple down glasses or plates and other breakables.
  • Don’t let the water fill your sink and leave it there. With your new Ragdoll kitten around, it may slip and fall in that water-filled sink. If you’re not around, your kitten might drown.
  • Do classify cleaning agents in the kitchen and in the bathroom and keep them inside a locked cabinet. Liquid detergents, cleaners, powdered soap and others have ingredients that are toxic when ingested by pets and children.
  • Do keep toilet seats down for bathrooms. Similar to a sink full of water, your new kitten may get curious and wonder what’s inside the toilet bowl and fall right into it.
  • Don’t leave any water containers like buckets or the bathtub full with water. You can’t be too careful when it comes to how curious your Ragdoll kitten may become inside a new home. This is still another reminder to avoid drowning.


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