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Know the background of an animal before you adopt one

Updated on January 8, 2010

My dog Max

 My husband and I decided to get a dog so we went to our local animal shelter. While he was looking at the puppies, I fell in love with this full grown, part rotty, part what looked to be shepard. He was loveable and one look in his beautiful brown eyes hooked me. We talked about it and decided to sleep on it. The next day I couldn't stop thinking about him so we went back. The handler took him out of the cage and let us interact with him. That was it. I was hooked. I asked for some background on him as we always had small children around but he couldn't tell me much. But we took him home. We let him run free in the house to get aquainted with everything and he was a happy dog. That night, my husband went to work and left me alone with Max. I must admit, I was alittle nervous not knowing much about him but I did my best to make him feel at home. My daughter who was 13 at the time, came home from a visit with her grandma and was overjoyed. She loved him and he loved her. They were best buds. As time went on, I found out that he did not like anything and I mean anything that was stuffed such as pillows, matteresses and comforters. He would tear them apart. I then found out he didn't like books either. But I still loved my Max. One night, he was sleeping in front of our fireplace and I wanted him to go to his bed so instead of my normal clapping for him to wake up, I took him by the collar and he snapped at me. I just figured I startled him so I chalked it off to that and didn't think anything of it until......My daughter was laying on the floor watching tv and Max was asleep next to her. She used him as a pillow as he was so big. When I told her it was time for bed, she leaned over and kissed Max on the nose and he bit her. As she was holding her hand over her face, I thought the worst. Her eye maybe? But we were lucky. He bit clean through her cheek. I feared for the other children that came often. It broke my heart but we had to return him to the shelter. So please, make sure you do recieve background on a pet before you adopt him. We were lucky, that time.


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