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Koi Fish, keeping, couple selection, breeding

Updated on March 3, 2011

Koi Fish

About Koi Fish
The Latin name of the fish is: Cyprinus carpio.
It takes it's origin from the Greek word "cyprinus"  and the Latin word "carpio", both of which mean "carp". The word "koi" comes from Japanese, simply meaning "carp".
The species have been expanded by different hybridizations of breeds to create new variations on the Koi. People are mostly familiar with these animals from large yard ponds, particularly at Asian inspired houses and restaurants. Koi are brightly colored and enthusiastic in their ponds. They give the most beautiful view when you look them from above, when they are swimming around in their ponds.
Koi varieties are distinguished by coloration, patterning and flakes. Koi are available in all colors from the purest white, through yellow, orange, red, near-lavender, blues, greens and coal black, in limitless combinations.  Koi look much alike to goldfishes but they grow much bigger and they have a wattle. A champion-grade koi can cost even several thousand of pounds.

Koi fish can be kept inside in aquariums till they get  4.8 inch large, after that they need to be kept in outdoor ponds. Koi fish are cold water animals so their care will require that they have the appropriate temperature in their ponds. This is why ponds outside provide a great environment. The ground can keep the water at a decent temperature. They do not require very deep ponds; a few  feet should be enough room for a fish pond. Most types of koi will respond well to this size pond. If their environment is appropriate they can grow to 40 inches. It is recommended that they stay outside even in winter, they will adjust to the temperature. You should know that in winter  they need less food because they adjust to the temperature and their whole organism is operating slowly.

Couple Selection
Selection of the breeding couple, important aspect in choosing the parents is the age of the fish. Because this effects the quality of the eggshell. Young Koi females produce eggs with very thin shells which might not survive, older fish on the other hand can produce eggs with too hard shells that the sperm can't penetrate them. The best age of a Koi that is used for breeding is 4-5 years although successful breeding might be possible with fish that are up to 15 years old. There can be used 2 males to a female while breeding Koi. There shouldn't, however, never be used more than two males since they may become too aggressive and hurt the female.

The best time of the year for breeding is spring, because at this time of the year time the temperature difference between different times of the day is the smallest. Koi breeding are most likely to be successful  during a full moon since this helps trigger the fish to spawn. As the water in the tank gets warmer the spawning begins. During the breeding process the fish get depressive and they could hurt themselves or to hurt others. For this reason it is not recommended to mix them with other fish. They might kill each other. The fish who is swimming first is the female and the followers are the male fish. Some raisers move the plants which have eggs on to another tank because the parents often eat the eggs and the fry as well. By milking the koi we can save a lot of eggs.

Milking method
The female fish is the first to be taken out of the breeding tank, we should use a soft clout to mop her up. Milking should be done in a totally empty, clean dish. We hold the female fish in our left hand, her back and head should be in our palm. With our right thumb starting from the gill we make a soft pressure towards the span. We should make about 5-8 pulling-pressing moves, that should be enough to pull out the eggs from the female fish. We mustn't leave any eggs in the female fish. Then we take the male fish. We should repeat a similar process like we did with the female fish. The sperm needs to be dripped onto the eggs, and then carefully to mix the eggs and the sperm. We should be very careful since the eggs are very sensitive. Then we need to put it into an aquarium which needs to be 22-23 °C. It is recommended to put some kind of air diffuser or air pump  into the aquarium.

Male and female Koi fish, have different looking fins.



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    • deak profile image

      deak 5 years ago

      Yes u can trust me the eggs are big try to search for pictures to see how they look.

    • profile image

      danthekoifishman854 5 years ago

      Thank you for your article. I live in southern calif. I have had koi for about 8 years and this year i have decided to try to breed my koi. I don't know very little about this. I have set up an 8 ft breeding tank with branches from pine tree. When put the breeding pairs into this tank. how do I know when they have spawned? Can I see the eggs?