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Koi Pond Care: Opening Your Pond Spring Cleaning

Updated on January 15, 2011

Getting Rid of Pond Algae

Well it's getting that time again to take care of your koi pond and keep it algae free, but if you start out the right way you will make your job a lot easier. I'm not looking forward to spring cleaning of my 3 ponds. But it needs to be done and I will show you some products that I swear by and will never not use in my pond to get rid of pond algae and keep it away. Know that your pond is ready to be opened you want to make sure you get all the leaves, decaying material in your pond out. This releases excess nutrients that pond algae feeds off of so if you get it out first thing you won't have to worry about it.

Pond care
Pond care | Source

Getting Rid of Pond Algae

I also wrote How to get Rid of Pond Algae The Ultimate Guide just incase you have specific questions on any indiviual factors that may cause algae but I also will explained these products for you so that you understand what they do and how they work.  Owning a Pond should not be looked at like it's a annoying chore.  You should be able to sit back and cherish it.

Healthy Ponds 91100 AquaSpherePRO 1-Acre

The Healthy Ponds 91100 AquaSpherePRO is probably one os my most favorite products to use it's a 10 inch ball that provides 24/7 natural bacteria and enzymes that help reduce excess nutrients, sludge and ammonia, resulting in improved water quality and clarity. For a first time use you will see results usually in a bout 4 weeks which is what the ball is good for. It's life span is 30 days and can be pulled out and recycled. I usually only use it once a year, yes it's a little expensive but it will save you alot of headaches and wet feet and arms.  There are different sizes for larger ponds.

Algaefix - 64 Oz

If you don't mind using chemicals then Algaefix For Pond Algae is your best fight against algae.  This is a algae killer that helps your battle in getting rid of algae.  Don't worry it's not harmful to fish or plants.  Just use the recommend dose, do not over dose this can be harmful to your pond.  Algaefix is a great one thing fix all and works great I also put a half dose in my pond i nthe beginning of the year.  With this I recommend to change 1/4 - 1/3 of the pond water after a week or so after treatment that way you can remove dead algae so it doesn't pollute your water and create excess nutrients.

Pond UV Filters

If your looking for a guide to UV Filters for Ponds check out the link.  UV sterilizers are another great investment.  They filter the pond water through the UV light usually in a swivel pattern so that way its very effective.  The UV Bulb destroies algae cells and kills it on impact.  One bulb will last the whole year.  I only change mine once a year. The bulbs are a reasonable price.  Also another nice thing about the UV sterilizers for ponds is that you can get them so they are hidden in statues and ornaments so that you don't even know they are there.

Barley Pads

Here are my favorite thing that I think everyone should use. The barley pads are probably going to be everyones best friend once they use them, the sad thing is no one knows what they are or how they work. Some people say the wrong thing about them at stores that sell them. I heard one person say "oh it's just a hay pad that rots in your pond and keeps it clean" that doesn't sound to good does it. Their is truth to that, the hay does sort of rot and what it does is absorbs nutrients so that you don't get algae blooms. The pad doesn't hurt anything fish or plants, the pad stays out of sight because you can sink it with a brick or weigh it down in your pond to the bottom of it.


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