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Koi Pond Questions: Do you need a Filter For Your Koi Pond

Updated on February 22, 2011

Plants or Pond Filters

Are you looking to own a koi pond but your not sure how hard it will be to manage. Alot of people are afraid of Getting Rid of Pond Algae and how hard it can be. It's not that hard to get rid of and maintain. Butif your wondering if you will need a pond filter or a UV pond Filter. This question all depends on how you construct your pond. If you have alot of live planets in the pond that help absorb the nutrients faster than algae, and also absorb the nitrates in your pond. If you only have a couple koi in your pond you may be safe to just use live plants.

Benefits of Pond Filters

Pond filters help you keep your pond clear and clean.  The also help fight different types of pond algae like duckweed.  Duckweed hates water movement.  Also pond filters will filter your pond and take out nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia depending on the filter media that you use.  I personally recommend that everyone should use a pond filter because you can't go wrong with them and the effectiveness of them.  They are also easy to disguise and can have the output flow through the fountain.

What to look for in Pond Filter.

When selecting a pond filter I also use a filter that is for 1 1/2 times to 2 times the size of my pond. You can never go to big, but you can go to small.  Also check to see if their is a UV light built into it because that will destroy algae cells, and different diseases that go through it.

Alot of people say adding a filter makes caring for a pond not a chore anymore.  I agree completely with them.  Always make sure your filter has a warranty not because they break but their are things in the pond that get sucked up and you need to be covered just incase.

Tetra Pond Filters

Tetra pond filters are the best especially the bio active pressure ones.  These are great for pushing water into a fountain or onto a waterfall.  Also like I said water movement equals less duckweed and string algae.


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    • PondWorld profile image

      PondWorld 6 years ago from Dallas, TX

      Yes, absolutely a filter is necessary!