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Koi Pond Questions: Turtles in Your Pond

Updated on February 22, 2011

Can you put Turtles in your pond?

Everyone who has seen or owned a pond knows that there are turtles in them.  How? you can best see their heads poking out of the water looking around.  Their are many different types of turtles that can enter your pond depending on where you live.  Where I live in Connecticut is mainly red ear sliders, painted turtles, snapper turtles.  They are cute little things but can become a problem rather quickly if the right conditions are present.

Problems with Turtles in Ponds

In a Koi pond turtles can be a problem because they prey on fish. Even if your koi is a foot long their not out of safety. The turtles will still nip at the fins, causing your koi a chance of getting a fungal or fin fungal infection. So if you have a pond with koi I don't recommend getting a turtle for it. Their is one way to help deter the turtles from chewing on the fins encase you still want a koi. If you want get a lot of smaller goldfish that will keep the turtle busy.

Keeping Turtles in your Pond

If your looking to keep turtles in your pond or have already tried, you will notice that alot of the go away or disappear.  I remember my first three turtles like that I was so mad.  Their is a way to keep them in, the first keep enough food in the food(feeder fish) the number one reason turtles leave a pond is because of food.  No food equals no turtle, next build a small fence around the pond, the key is to bury part of the fence so that when the turtle digs it can't escape out.

What do Pond Turtles Eat?

  • earthworms
  • minnows
  • meat
  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • Commercial Foods


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