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Updated on May 6, 2011


Back in the 1950"s when I was a small boy, my family moved to a new house that included an orchard and sheds. These were to the delight of my father who used some sheds to breed pigs on a small scale and others for preparation of the fish and potatoes that brought in our living when deep fried and sold to an eager neighbourhood.

Early on, we were adopted by a black and white she devil of a cat that would claw you at any opportunity initially.This pleased the old fellow as he wanted a shed cat with attitude to ensure that stocks were not contaminated by vermin. Christened Queenie, as all female animals were by my father, the cat took to the job with enthusiasm, finding the potato sacks excellent for sleeping, fish scraps ideal nutrition and came and went as she required. She never needed a litter from day one and never soiled the shed, though plenty of visitors caught off guard, found the fury of her teeth and claws.

A little later, a Ginger Tom took up residence with us, this time in the house. Sandy, as he was called was no mouser, no scratcher and really just a ball of fur that purred, ate and slept the days away.As I recall he was no trouble in toilet training or respecting furniture and fittings and the two were totally content with their lot and neither bothered the other. Clearly my old man had the Cat Knack but to this day I do not know what it was.

The Knack Revealed.

In modern times, most cats now do not enjoy the space our two adopted felines had and thus Training the modern cat to be socially integrated is ever more important.Cat owners today all seem to have similar problems. Their cats scratch furniture, people, plants and have serious litter problems as key difficulties.Clearly, there has to be a modern way of dealing with these problems for both owners and cats alike. The onus is on the human to learn the knack and the link below puts you, if you so wish in receipt of tried and trusted methods that can bring remarkable results.

As I said, my father had the knack for his time and I kid you not on summer Sunday evenings he would take my mother and I for a walk round local fields. FATHER, MOTHER, SON, PIG QUEENIE, CAT QUEENIE, AND DOG SCAMP all ventured together for an hour or so, greeting friends who thought nothing of the group, or even blinked when Cat Queenie was to be seen hitching a ride on the back of Pig Queenie ! Isuspect that today we would have been sectioned but that is how it wasthen.

It included all of us except ,of course, Cat Sandy, asleep on the hearth rug as was his wont.Yes the old man had the knack but if like me you are not a natural, try the link it can save you ages of despair and frustration.


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