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Why OTC Pet Meds Can Kill Your Dog

Updated on February 4, 2014

Are you putting your pet at risk?

copyright India Dee 2010
copyright India Dee 2010

Dog and Cat Owners Unite over Deadly Flea Prevention Medications!

Convulsions, foaming muzzles and death? Over the Counter Pet Medications can kill your pet! Before you put another drop of flea medication on your pet, READ THIS ARTICLE!

"I use these very medications to treat my dog and cats!!"

Dog People vs Cat People

Dog Lovers:

It is an undeniable difference that separates the dog loving humans from the cat loving humans. Dog people find this deep bond that carries through years and years of trusted give and take. The worthy k9 would gladly risk life and limb to rescue his person from flames or natural disaster. A brave few clip on a shield of community service to sniff out illegal drugs, or to run down a criminal or to find battered survivors in a tumble of snow. These are the loyal things our K9 friends offer in exchange for good food, medical care, and a loving pat on the head.

Cat People:

Whereas, our cat loving humans prefer the confident stroll and indifferent shrug of our fluffy whiskered felines. The gentle purr of contentment snuggled in one's lap, while the rhythmic massage of front paws in fluid motion do their dance. An excited "meow" when we cross the threshold at the end of the day accompanied by spirited bursts of energy chasing down a moving lint-ball. The nuzzling rub of affection on our leg for a bowl of protein rich morsels and a warm body to curl up with, these are the things that make the love of a cat immeasurable.

Commercial Flea Medication Alert

In our humane attempt to serve as caretakers, friends, and family to many lovable creatures, we may be steering them to their demise. On the evening news a popular news anchor told shocking stories of how flea medications are bringing illness and even death to our beloved furry friends! Horrified I looked on,..."I use these very medications to treat my dogs and cats!!"

In an attempt to prevent miss-application of pet medications, a list of information and informative sites are below. Before you medicate your pet, please gain a bit of knowledge which may stop another animal from suffering an unnecessary illness or an untimely death.

7 Tips For Using OTC Pet Meds

1. Flea medications are poison! They kill fleas and ticks, etc. by poisoning them.

2. Dog medication is for dogs. Do not put dog medication on or in your cat! Due to there unique physiology and inability to metabolize certain compounds, cats are never to be treated with any K9 medications. Don't allow your cat to groom your recently treated dog as this may result in your cat ingesting the toxins, causing him to be poisoned. If contamination occurs, CALL YOUR VET.

3. Read the packaging regarding the weight of your pet. These medications are measured to administer to a pet within certain weight guidelines. This is why you can purchase medications for your 'over 20 Lb" dog or your 'over 88 Lb' dog. On the feline medications you will find an age requirement, know your cats' age! This is not a guessing game, weigh your pets and know there age!

Frontline, Advantage & Advantix

Advantage, Adavantix, and Frontline are probably the most effective and frequently used pet flea/tick meds on the market. They offer contact information for their products at;

  • FOR FRONTLINE CONTACT~ (800) 660-1842
  • FOR ADVANTAGE CONTACT~ (800) 255-6826
  • There is a medical emergency number on K9 Advantix: Dial (800) 422-9874

4. Administer the medications as directed, ie. read the directions! Although some are similar in there application, they do differ from brand to brand. Even if only slightly, know the different application requirements. Again, you can find the differences within the body of THE DIRECTIONS. Usually a stated length of effectiveness is noted on the packaging. Don't differ from what is written. If it says, "Do not reapply medication for 30 days", then don't reapply it for 30 days!

5. These medications are also very toxic to fish. Do not contaminate water when disposing of these products or packaging.

6. Wash your hands immediately after using these products. You can cross contaminate your animals, or make yourself ill.

7. On some of the medications they make strict references that you should NOT use the medication on puppies or kittens of a certain age. Find this information on the packaging and follow it if you have a puppy or a kitten.

FLEA COMBS - How to get fleas off of your pet manually

Our Golden Retriever Puppy suns himself on a cool fall afternoon. Cutest face ever!
Our Golden Retriever Puppy suns himself on a cool fall afternoon. Cutest face ever! | Source
Snuggled among the couch cushions Miss Kitty-- our pure white Manx, finds contentment.
Snuggled among the couch cushions Miss Kitty-- our pure white Manx, finds contentment. | Source

Epa Gets Involved- Pet Products Kill Hundreds!

Matthew Daly -The Associated Press- Provides us with a great bit of information regarding the EPA and what there plans are to protect our furry family members. WASHINGTON – Products intended to treat cats and dogs for fleas and ticks kill hundreds of pets each year and injure tens of thousands, the Environmental Protection Agency said Wednesday as it outlined plans to make the products safer.

He continues to offer information from the EPA stating that the EPA said it will develop stricter testing and evaluation requirements for flea and tick treatments that are applied to a pet’s skin. The agency also will begin reviewing labels to determine which ones need to say more clearly how to use the products. Steve Owens, assistant administrator of EPA’s Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances, said new restrictions will be placed on flea and tick products, with additional changes for specific products likely – including possible changes in some product formulas.

5 Steps To Natural Flea Control

If a more natural approach is your cup of tea, here is some helpful information

  1. Vacuum your home frequently. (Dispose of bags promptly in an outside trashcan.)
  2. Bathe your pet weekly with a very mild and moisturizing soap. (fleas love dry skin, so moisturizing is important. Adding Linitone or fish oil to your dogs food will help with this.)
  3. Regularly wash your pets' bedding. Fleas may be breeding under your pets very nose.
  4. Using cedar shampoo on your dog and cedar oil in the sleeping area repels fleas.
  5. Mix a small dose of brewers yeast (available in powder or pill form) in with your dogs food. The fleas don't like the way it makes your dog smell. Don't worry, you won't be able to sense the change in your dogs aroma.

Never use "Dog Flea Medication" on your Cat - That's what "Cat Flea Medication" is for!

With this Golden Gaze, our k9 friend gets whatever he long as it's good for him!
With this Golden Gaze, our k9 friend gets whatever he long as it's good for him! | Source
Our Chance kitten. She's the was old lady in the bunch, we miss you sweet girl!
Our Chance kitten. She's the was old lady in the bunch, we miss you sweet girl! | Source

Dangerous Natural Flea Control. Who Knew?

An old remedy for flea prevention has in the past included the addition of garlic to the brewers yeast to aid in deterring fleas from hopping aboard your dog. This is NOT RECOMMENDED. Studies have revealed that garlic has an unusual effect on canines in that it can bring on anemia (lowering red blood cell production). Onions and grapes (among other common food items) are other human consumables you should avoid feeding to your dog. Onions—raw or cooked— should never be offered as they become toxic in your dog. As for grapes, these sweet treats can destroy your dogs' renal system (kidneys) before you realize what has hit him. So I recommend sticking with carrots for your dogs vegetable snacks. They provide a nice, tooth cleaning crunch, and they are healthy for your K9.

Please keep in mind that these natural flea control suggestions are for a mild infestation or to maintain good flea management. If you have a significant infestation, your best bet may be to use the 'spot on' flea medications.




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