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Labradors Rule

Updated on December 9, 2018
Hayley Dodwell profile image

I am a freelance writer, who is a huge animal lover, especially dogs! I am experienced in many breeds of pooches.

Red Fox Labrador, Lola.


Perfect Labradors

In all honesty I love all dog breeds, big dogs, little dogs, medium size dogs. I love fluffy dogs, scruffy dogs, short haired dogs. The loud dogs, the quiet ones, even the yappy ones!

Every dog is special and unique, with a heart full of love to give. They all deserve a happy life, full of love and kindness. You will never have a more genuine, loyal friend than a dog.

My personal favourite is Labradors, and I am going to tell you why I love the breed so much, and why they are the perfect family dog.

So let me tell you about the fabulous breed of the Labrador, and do enjoy my comparisons to my own Red Fox Labrador, Lola. Who is a huge character. Lola is now eleven years old, and going strong, she is a much loved family dog. Kind, funny, loving, she is pure joy.

Oh So Popular!

Labradors are one of the most popular breeds of dogs. The perfect family dog. They are incredible with children, gentle, friendly. They follow you around like they are your shadow, and like to be a part of the household activities. These guys are not the type of dog to be quietly snoozing in the kitchen, they like to be right there joining in with everything! Part of the scene!

With Lola, yes she is excellent with children. She has always been around them, from babies to teenagers. Yes she certainly loves to follow me around, sometimes I can't even go to the bathroom alone! She loves to be involved with everything, I'll be typing with one hand, stroking Lola with the other! Or watching TV and a wet nose will appear for some fuss! Yes, she is the perfect family dog.


It is not the best idea to have a Labrador as a guard dog. They are too easy going and trusting of strangers. They like to be friends with everyone. They'd probably lick a burglars face! And lead the burglar to their bowl in the hope of a treat!

Lola, it is fair to say she is a total wimp. Once we were walking in the woods, she trod on a stick, which snapped, the noise made her jump, she yelped! Another time I heard a noise outside at night, I had a look outside from the window, then turned to Lola, who had a terrified look on her face! Yep, she is easily scared!

Food Glorious Food...

Simply they love their food! They will try practically anything given half the chance! Yes they are highly intelligent, eager to please you dogs, but their love of food is a reason why they are so easy to train. Let them see a treat is in it for them, they will soon pick up the sit, stay, heel, leave, commands.

Lola is no exception, she loves food! She'll happy sit watching me eat! I once dropped some onion on the floor whilst cooking, there was no need to get the hoover out, like a flash of light Lola appeared and ate the onion! If there is food around Lola will find it. Whether we are inside or out! So I have to be careful with what she picks up, as she'll eat practically anything, however she is not too keen on salad!

Water Babies.

These dogs are the Flipper of the dog world! They get beyond excited to get their paws in the water. Labradors are excellent, powerful swimmers. They will happily swim at any time of the year. Their coats are water resistant, so they won't feel the cold during the winter.

But not Lola! That girl will happily get her paws wet, but when the water gets deep it is a no, no, no, for her! We often walk along the canal, and I have never seen her swim. It is pointless throwing a stick in any water for Lola to go fetch, she will just look at you in a 'you must be joking face!' Swimming is not her thing! However she certainly does not feel the cold, last winter, in the heavy snow, she very excitedly ran in and out of a freezing cold stream!


Being the clever dogs which they are, these guys know when you are happy and laughing. It is the same as when you cry, they know your emotions, you'll notice how quickly your Labrador is by your side the second any crying is heard. With laughter if a Labrador does something silly which makes you laugh, they will remember, and do it again to make you laugh.

Lola is the Queen of comedy, the Jennifer Saunders of the Labrador world. She knows certain faces she pulls will crack me up. Or the latest trick up her sleeve is, whilst out for walkies she will just stop walking, freeze, and want to go the other way! It's my own fault for laughing the first time she did it!


Labs need at least two half an hour walks a day. They are usually sociable and good with other dogs. They may have a few barks, but they are not generally noisy dogs.

Lola is spoilt! She has her daily walks, and two or three times a week we walk miles and miles in the countryside, around three hour walks. Exploring and enjoying each others company. Just Lola and I in the middle of the countryside, just us, is pure bliss. Bark wise Lola rarely barks, when she does it's a really deep bark, which doesn't match her wimp personality!

Big Softies.

They are like having a child, they love company. They have so much love to give, and they are gentle, so gentle in fact a Labrador can pick up an egg with its mouth and not break it.

Fact! I have seen Lola pick up an egg, and she left no mark what so ever on it!

Yes, ever dog breed is special and unique, they all deserve loving homes. But for me it's Labradors all the way. Labradors Rule! Especially my best friend, and loyal companion Lola.


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