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Labradors Are Incredible Dogs

Updated on July 1, 2019

Labrador the Best Friend of Man

Hello, welcome my first article.

I begin this text saying that I love Labradors! They are extremely docile and cheerful dogs. Not counting the incalculable energy level. You will hardly see a Labrador in a sad or discouraged state.

Here I am going to tell you a little about how I ended up enjoying Labradors so much.

A few years ago I suffered from a deep depression, with anxiety, panic syndrome and several other problems. I ended up becoming a victim of my own mind.

Thank God, after much struggle and persistence in life, I gradually improved.

At first I got to pass with doctors specialized in these types of problems; who gave me remedies and more remedies, and I was taking it day after day without noticing improvements.

So I decided that I would improve naturally without the use of medicines.

I learned all I could about how to improve, I learned to control my thoughts, I learned to breathe properly and several other tricks to improve.

In this process what helped me a lot was having a Labrador dog. His name was Jack, he was a docile dog, adorable, cheerful and very, very, very messy.

Jack was a chocolate brown labrador, we adopted him still well puppy with about 1 week of life, and we saw the dog grow incredibly fast.

With the mission of taking care of this dog, I started to have more reasons to worry about, but at the same time more reasons to smile. Jack's unpredictability was unbelievably large. With this he always surprised us in many ways. It was a leap, or a "poor" way. He always found a way to be unpredictable.

Characteristics of a Labrador

The Labrador puppy is irresistible to those who love animals. A very nice breed, who loves to please his fellow humans and make the joy of the house. In addition to being faithful, if well trained, can give excellent support to people with special needs and disabled.

Beyond the temperament, its appearance is also enchanting! The Chocolate Labrador is well known, but the breed can also have yellow and black colors. Their eyes show that they are really always attentive and active.

Of course, the main characteristic of this breed is its passion for water and absence of aggression or shyness. It is the perfect dog for anyone who has a spacious backyard at home because he loves to play and run.

Physical condition

The Labrador Retriever is an excellent swimmer, because it has interdigital membrane in its legs, which makes swimming faster. Its coat is a bit oily, which keeps it warm and helps it float and dry. The muzzle of this dog is also well developed and therefore has an excellent sense of smell.


Before having a Labrador at home it is important to keep in mind that this is a very energetic and brave dog, able to jump in cold waters without thinking twice! However it is extremely faithful, sweet, pleasant and balanced.


The body structure of the Labrador makes him an excellent swimmer, and can reach 20 km / h in a race! Because of this vigor, it is versatile for many activities! He is a perfect companion and he does very well in competitions. Great in hunting, sniffing, searching and rescuing, and is still one of the most recommended for therapies.

Famous Labradors

His features even conquered the Earl of Malmesbury when he arrived in England, and aided him in hunting through the marshes surrounding the noble residence. Most recently, in 1997, a chocolate labrador puppy arrived at Bill Clinton. Buddy was the first of this race to live in the White House!


The Labrador was already one of the favorite breeds of dog lovers, but was even more popular with the release of the movie "Marley and I," which tells the story of a family that adopts an undisciplined, but very kind and funny puppy.



Cod fishermen relied on the help of the Labrador Retriever to retrieve the fish that escaped from the net. It is believed that his name comes precisely from this function: "labrador" means "worker" in Spanish.


Around 1820, visitors were charmed by the breed and brought to England. Luckily, it was the one that saved the species, which became extinct in 1880 in Newfoundland, Canada, due to government restrictions and taxes.


Because they had a keen sense of smell and were very fast, they were also used to hunt in swamps. Nowadays it is common to find them as helpers in police work, in therapies and assisting the disabled.


The English Kennel Club officiated the breed in 1903 and 14 years later the American Kennel Club did the same, registering it as the most popular dog shortly after World War II in 1991.

The descendants of Labrador

The breed is descended from the "Dog of Saint-Jones", inhabitant of the island of Newfoundland in Canada during the 18th century. From crossbreeding with Pointer, Setter, Spaniel and other birders, Labrador breeders have perfected their characteristics keen sense of smell and speed.


Labradors are very affectionate, but they also accumulate lots of energy easily. Therefore, it is recommended that you practice physical exercises, such as running and swimming, and hectic jokes to keep your four-legged best friend calm!


Generally Labrador dogs are very cunning, so they capture trainings quickly, and are well disciplined, being able to perform more delicate and meticulous work, as a guide for the blind or as sniffer dogs.


Labradors bark little and are never aggressive, factors that make them very partners of children and charming companions. In general, they are very sweet, but this side will become even more evident if they are trained early.

It is important to remember that the training process should not be coercive, just firm. If lessons are regular, your puppy will quickly learn to better control its vibrant impulses and socializing with other animals and small human companions will be better.



Although short, Labrador hair is changed many times a year. That's why it's important to scratch your pet every day with specific brushes for this kind of fur. They help remove dead, loose hairs without pet being disturbed.

In order to get the Labrador Retriever used to this process of brushing, it is advisable to do it as a puppy, always with a lot of affection and never associating the practice with a punishment, so everything will be more pleasant and easy!


Labrador hair care is not difficult, as we have seen above, mainly because it is not necessary to cough. However, as the Labrador breed loves water, swimming in pools, for example, can leave residue on the skin that should be removed in a freshwater bath.

Apart from situations like this and if your puppy plays in a dirty place, the baths can be given every two months or so. This will keep them looking good, smelling and with skin and healthy ones. But first, talk to your veterinarian to better understand the breed's bath routine.


Since ear infections are common in Labradors, it is important to clean the area after bathing and diving. Weekly it is also advisable to check the ears and enjoy to clean them with specific products, always avoiding the ear canal. If there is redness or a bad odor, consult a veterinarian.


The mouth is a very sensitive area in animals and can hide tartar and bacteria, extremely harmful to your health. For Labradors, it is recommended that you brush your teeth at least two or three times a week or, if possible, every day to prevent gum problems and bad breath.

Labrador Health Care

Regardless of the breed of the dog, the morphological characteristics can be cause of diseases. The Labrador Retriever is predisposed to coxofemoral and elbow dysplasia, cataract, progressive retinal atrophy, and myopathy of the tail.

But do not worry! Taking your buddy frequently to veterinary appointments and strictly following the recommendations, your puppy will remain healthy, willing and cheerful.


As Labradors are very active, it is essential to offer a very nutritious, balanced and healthy food, so that it loses more energy than normal and stays well disposed! However, it is not recommended to offer food that we usually eat, unless it is fruit and vegetables recommended by a specialist.

The ideal is to choose a ration specially formulated for the size, age, physical condition and habits of your dog so that the levels of vitamin, nutrients and minerals are proportional to his needs, especially if he is in some health problem. Check out the options that Petz offers!

Side dish

Before choosing the food for your pet, it is essential that you talk to a veterinarian. It will evaluate all these characteristics of your hairy and will indicate the best option and the ideal amount. And do not forget to make regular inquiries.

Beyond the ration, pets love being gifted with some treats. It is a great way to show our affection even more and can also help in the process of training. Find the most delicious options here!


It's time to know everything about Labrador Puppy! The breed usually has litters of six to eight puppies, which stay with the breeders until about eight weeks of life. From this, the temperament of the pets is already more balanced and training in the home of the new family will be easier.

Until the age of three, Labradors are usually very agitated and, in an attempt to find distractions, may end up biting furniture and tearing stockings and any accessories they have at home. That's why it's important that you have busy activities with your puppy to help you spend that energy.


About the breed

Although agitated, Labradors are very smart! The race ranks 7th in the ranks of canine intelligence, which includes 79 races, and was created by North Americans Dr. Stanley Coren and judges specializing in obedience tests.


Dressage is important so that Labradors can better control all this energy they carry and especially because, as they love water, they must learn to jump and have fun in pools and lakes only after the permission and accompaniment of their tutors. This is important to maintain the safety of pets.

Even if you have chosen a trainer, it is imperative that you follow the steps closely to create a stronger bond with the hairy. Do not forget that each pet has a learning time and a temperament that must be respected!


It is well worth having an experience with a Labrador Retriever dog. You will have a range of incredible emotions, but most of the time will be emotions of joy.

I hope you enjoyed my first article.

Thank you.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 jefmarcos


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