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Largest Cattle

Updated on November 22, 2016

This article covers the largest known examples of bovines in the world, including"

  • Largest Cow
  • Largest Steer

Largest Cow

Lone Star

Weight: 2800 pounds

Height: 6 feet

Bred on the J J Ranch in Texas, Lone Star was famous as the largest known cow during the 1930s. She had a Brahman sire and Jersey dam.

Lone Star was owned by Jeanne Maulsby.

Lone Star traveled to many major events to be displayed, including the Worlds Fair in Chicago. Her image on postcards was distributed far and wide.

Lone Star is pictured right with "Lady Star" the reputed smallest perfectly-formed adult cow in the world.

A $500 reward was offered for anyone who could produced a larger cow. No one ever collected on it.

Lone Star at 8 years of age
Lone Star at 8 years of age
Lone Star at 9 years of age, shown with her owner, Miss Jeanne Maulsby.
Lone Star at 9 years of age, shown with her owner, Miss Jeanne Maulsby.
Lone Star
Lone Star
1402 W. Defenbaugh St., Kokomo, IN:
1402 West Defenbaugh Street, Kokomo, IN 46902, USA

get directions

Old Ben

Largest Steers

Steers, which are castrated males, tend to grown larger than intact bulls.

Old Ben

Weight: 4720 pounds

Old Ben was widely promoted as the worlds largest steer. He was born in 1920. After he died at the age of eight years his hide was mounted and displayed in Highland Park in Kokomo, Indiana. Old Ben is the largest purebred bos taurus (the breed of most domestic cattle) on the record that I have found.

Field Marshall

Weight: 3500 pounds

Height: 6'5"

Born 2002, Field Marshall is a snowy white Charolais. He is the record holder amongst living animals.


Weight: 3140 pounds.

Height: 6'

Honorable mention goes to Cimarron who was a hybrid Buffalo x Brahman (see below).

Cimarron -- picture from the author's collection of vintage postcards.
Cimarron -- picture from the author's collection of vintage postcards.


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    • Gulf Coast Sun profile image

      Gulf Coast Sun 

      6 years ago from Gulf of Mexico

      Do large steers have a short life span like a large breed dog, or even a giant person, like from the circus of years ago? My contention is that this animal was used for monetary purposes by being put on display instead of living its life in peace in a grassy field like other steers.

    • JKenny profile image

      James Kenny 

      6 years ago from Birmingham, England

      Interesting! Lone Star seems closer in size to the wild aurochs from which all domestic cattle are descended. The bulls grew up to 6 feet 6 at the shoulder and apparently were known for their ill tempers.


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