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Learn About Dog Training Jobs that Anyone Can Do

Updated on August 27, 2012

Dog Training Job Opportunities

You love dogs and you've decided to train them for a living. Dog training jobs will be a rewarding career for you and the people that you help to understand their dogs. Where to start? Many start at a Four H Club, others have done extensive research and have experience training their own dogs since childhood. Others many want to train dogs to help people understand their canine friends and decrease the shelters population.

Where can you start? Look into work as a dog groomer, a vet's assistant or see if you can find another dog trainer willing to take you under their wing. This is how some get started. Cesar Milan got started as a dog groomer before he opened his own place for training dogs.

You can apply at Petsmart or PETCO. Make sure that you have not only book knowledge of dog training but that you've trained dogs and know about them. Shelters often need people to help train and evaluate the many dogs that come in. Or you can advertise on the internet about dog training.

Dog Training Schools

Dog training schools are a good place to get a dog training job. They always need help. Sit Means Sit is one dog training school that always needs trainers. They will help you get started on your path.

Most dog trainers start their business and work from there. The Internet is the perfect advertisement. Youtube is excellent to show off your skills and increase your dog training job opportunities.

You must have a GED or a high school diploma for dog training. It isn't necessary to have a dog but it would be a good idea to show people what they can accomplish with their dogs.

Increase Your Understanding of Canines

Always increase your knowledge about dogs and wolves. Observe dogs at the park and notice their behavior. Why do they do the things they do? Try to find out the answers. Your clients may ask why a dog does something.

You will be training the owners more than the dog. So develop a good business sense around people. Work with dogs as much as you can to get a sense of what the different breeds are like. This is important to understand what drives a dog to do what a dog doses.

A Border Collie has more energy than most people can handle and can become very destructive when left alone. Akitas are very stubborn and want to be the leader and a passive owner isn't a good person to own one of these dogs. A lab may be good-natured but they need to be active and love to play and play and play. Airedales are clowns that are very head strong and so full of energy they would wear out the energizer bunny.

You must train people to be the alpha of their dogs and be able to solve some problems such as digging, barking, not listening and the many other problems that people need help with.


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