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Learn To Read Your Cat Behaviour

Updated on August 12, 2014

My Cat Bolha

One of my good friends gave me a female kitten for my birthday on June 1996. She was small for her age, so I named her 'Bolha', a Hungarian name meaning tiny. She was very wild because she was born in a secluded place behind a food shop where she did not see a lot of people.

She started to be comfortable with us and with our male cat Himma soon after she joined our family. She had a good life because we all love animals, especially cats.

Places where she moved with me

Cats do not like moving to different places. Bolha did not have choices, so she had to move with me.

Bolha was my lovely cat for 14.5 years. During this time, I moved houses 5 times and she followed me with loyalty every time, although cats do not like changing places.

What happened to Bolha?

Bolha started to act strange last year in February. She disappeared for hours and she ate less and less of her favorite food. She did drink a lot of water and she kept her nose in the water for long periods of time. Her strange behavior made me think that she is unwell.

I took her to the Vet the same day and she went through a series of blood tests. The result of the tests showed that she had a high degree of infection in her blood. The Vet could not tell me what was the cause of this infection. She was afraid that the cat kidneys are affected.

The Vet told me that if we eliminate the infection from her blood, she will recover, but she will be on kidney diet for as long as she will live. She (the Vet) also told me that the treatment is expensive, but I did not care. She was my family member, my Baby.

So I left her in the Vet's care for 4 days. She went under a lot of treatment during this time. But at the end, I could take her home and follow the Vet's instructions on how to care for her and how to feed her. The kidneys will never recover 100% I was told, therefore I had to buy her diet food.

She started to get used to this food reluctantly. She became more loving and more attached to me. I somehow had the feeling that she knew what happened to her and that I gave her another chance of life.

She was doing well for another 15 months. BUT...

Last Chapter

This is a sad one. Bolha was on diet since January 2010. All was good until I had to go away out of Sydney for 1 week because of my job commitments. I left Bolha in the care of one of my friends.

I came home and I did find Bolha on the back deck laying on the outdoor chair. She wanted to come to me to say Hello when she saw me. Bolha wanted to jump off the chair where she was resting and she simply collapsed and could not stand up. I got a shock. I took her straight away to the Vet. She looked very weak.

The Vet, after a short examination, told me that she looks different from last year when she was very sick and she asked me if I want to go through the same process of tests and treatments like last time. Of course my answer was YES. But unlike last year, this time the Vet didn't give her a lot of chances of recovery, especially after the test results came through. I knew from last time that her kidneys can fail at any time, but I did not expect this to happen so fast. I went to see her every day at the Vet clinic. Last time I saw her she looked in my eyes and I had the feeling that she was saying Good bye. The Vet rang me next morning at 5 am to tell me that she is gone.

Although she is not with me anymore, she will be in my thoughts and my heart for as long as I live. I will keep her collar for ever. She was an amazing cat.

The lesson I did learn

If you have pets and see some changes in their normal behavior, take the pet straight away to the Vet. The animal will have better chances of survival if the illness is treated from an early stage.


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    • Magdalena55 profile image

      Magdalena Todor 6 years ago from Australia

      quicksand, I am so glad your cat did get well. I agree with you, they do understand us and they also reply with a little sound or gesture. Best wishes.

    • Magdalena55 profile image

      Magdalena Todor 6 years ago from Australia

      Hi cat on a soapbox. Thank you for your comment. Bolha was an amazing cat, very loving. I was so lucky to have her. Yes, you are right, I have a kitten now, Jinxy, who is very special too. All the best.

    • Magdalena55 profile image

      Magdalena Todor 6 years ago from Australia

      Hi crazycatman,

      Thank you for your comments. You are right, we get vey attached to this little creatures. Your cat Zena is gorgeous too. Best wishes.

    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 6 years ago

      Cats know exactly what's going on. They know much more than we think they do. In fact I am dead sure that they even understand every word we say.

      Once I brought my cat back from the vet after a couple of injections to cure him of cat flue, and while I placed him on his pad, I stroked him and said to him, "get well soon cat, when you do, I'll buy you more Whiskas and more goodies."

      Then he looked up straight at me and stared at me for a while as if to say "in that case, I will!"

      And he actually did!

    • cat on a soapbox profile image

      Catherine Tally 6 years ago from Los Angeles


      I can tell what a cat lover you are and how tuned in you are to a cat's emotions and needs. Bolha was so lucky to have you as her companion! I hope that you will again be willing to give your special love to another furry feline because you have a gift. My heart goes out to you!

    • crazycatman profile image

      crazycatman 6 years ago from Dallas, TX

      Magdalena, I'm sorry to hear about Bolha. She looks like a lovely and well kept cat in her photos. I am amazed at how close cat owners become to their cats. I know you will always have great memories of your time with Bolha. Best Wishes.