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Leash Training Your Dog

Updated on September 26, 2012

Leash training your dog is always a challenge that many dog owners will want to over come quickly. I know that even if you are not familiar with how to leash train your dog you will want to ensure that you do this for ease of walking and for easier control of your dog while you are walking with him. I know that leash training your dog though will take time and you will definitely have to have hands on work with your dog when you are leash training him. I know that for me I have managed to successfully leash train my dogs and thought I would share how I managed to leash train my dogs.

The first thing that I did when I would start leash training my dog is to ensure that I had a proper collar for them to be wearing. Now this means that you will have to find a collar that they cannot slip out of which if you have to large of a collar they can easily do, but if you get a properly sized collar they will not be able to do this. I personally do not like the choker collar because of a bad experience, but some people do like using these style of collars for this purpose. You will have to base the collar selection on your own personal feelings.

After I make sure that I have the properly sized collar on my dog I find a leash that is durable enough to leash train my dog depending on his size. I know that for my Mastiff I had to use a large thick leather leash, but for my small YorkiePoo I just had to use a small little cloth leash. You will want to get a leash that you are comfortable with and that will be thick enough while you are leash training your dog because if you have a large dog that you are leash training they can snap the leash, but if you have a small dog on a large leash while training them then you will not be accomplishing much at all.

After you have selected the proper equipment for your leash training venture you will want to try to walk your dog inside at first with the leash on. Now you will probably notice that they will not particulary like the leash at first. However, I know that while leash training my dog that starting indoors with as few distractions as possible helped out tremendously in getting him used to the leash. Now I also would leave the leash on him when he was indoors and I was in the same room with him to observe him. If you are not going to be around to observe him though you will want to take the leash off of him. You will also want to make sure that while you are observing your dog on his leash that you are able to make sure he doesn't chew up the leash, I know that I managed to lose a couple of leashes that way!

Then after your dog has started responding fairly well to the leash training indoors you will want to attempt some leash training of him in your own backyard. I know that for some of us this can be done simply by walking out into our own yard, but for others we will need to find a spot in a park that is quiet that we can try our leash training outdoors with some of the increased distractions that come from having our dogs outside. So you will want to have him comfortable with the leash prior to attempting to take him to someplace that has just a few more distractions than what he is used to having around him.

As he gets more comfortable with the leash training as it is progressing you will want to move him or her as the case may be to more crowded areas so that he gets used to having the leash as his guide and connection to you as his owner more than a tool to contain him. I know that for me I am just now progressing to the stage of having my last dog fully leash trained using the methods that I stated here and he is actually already very comfortable with people in crowded public places.

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