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Leba III Review

Updated on January 2, 2012

Brushing Dog Teeth

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Dog Teeth Cleaning

Leba III Dog Plaque Spray

Leba III is a dog plaque spray which helps to remove tartar build up on the pet's teeth. Some dogs have tartar build up on teeth that can lead to a serious gum infection, gingivitis. For some dogs and people, brushing the dog’s teeth isn’t an option because the dog won’t tolerate it or the person is unable to do it. So how do people keep dogs’ teeth clean? They can be kept clean by chewing on bone but what do owners do when their dogs have already developed tartar on their teeth? One option for dog teeth cleaning is to have the vet put the dog under anesthesia and scrape the tartar off the teeth but that is an expensive option. It also requires the dog to be put under anesthesia and some breeds have some kind of sensitivity to the chemicals found in anesthesia.

The cheapest option that has had a good success rate with many customers and their dogs is the Leba 3 dental spray. The Leba III plaque spray has specific instructions that have to be followed. Specific treatments and doses vary by dog, depending on how severe the tartar and plaque buildup is. The general treatment is usually one to two sprays in the mouth twice a day, in the morning and evening. The plaque spray softens tartar on the dog’s teeth by stimulating enzymes in the salvia.

The ingredients in the Leba dog plaque spray are all natural and human grade, which appeals to many people who are pursuing alternative, natural treatments for their canine companions. There are no reported adverse side effects. Results can be seen within four to six weeks.

Leba III Dental Spray results


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