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Lesser Known, Unknown & Obscure Horse Breeds in the World

Updated on January 2, 2011

Lesser known horses

There are many known and unknown horse breeds scattered throughout time and spread across the world. These are the lesser-known horse breeds.


The Nez Perce developed this tough, intelligent and adaptable breed of horse. An Appaloosa has leopard spots on it's rump or can have them all lower their body.


Belgians are tall and strong horses. They are draft horses that can pull heavy loads. When grown they can weigh up to a ton if not more. They are working animals but are becoming popular as show horses and pleasure riding horse.

Black Forest Horse

This rare breed come from Germany and there are a few horses outside their native homeland. This breed dates back 600 years. They were used for plowing fields, pulling heavy weights and wagons. Yet when Machinery began to take the places of working horses the breed appeared to be doomed.


The word “Brumby” means feral horse in Austrian. They are descendants of escaped horses from European settlers. Somewhere left to fend for themselves and became wild. Wild horses live in herds consisting of a stallion, several mares and their foals.

Fjord Horse

Western Norway produced a small, agile and very strong horse. It is one of the oldest breeds that came from these mountainous region. For hundreds of years it was used as a farm horse. It's sturdy and even tempered.


This breed was developed in Great Brittan. They are known for their great stamina and can trot at high speeds for miles. It's gait is a smooth as silk . They were first bred to be carriage horses and then became pleasure horse for people who enjoyed ridding.

Prewalski Horse

This is the wild horse of Mongolia. This horse roamed the expansive steeps of the border of China and Mongolia. They were discovered by Prewalski, a Russian explore who recorded seeing them, late in the 19th century. These horses bare his name since he discovered them.

They live in herds consisting of a stallion, several mares with their young. The stallion's job is to protect his harem from other stallions. The lead mare knows where the best grass is to eat and leads the herd to the best spots. Colts, young males stay with the herd for a year or two before begin driven out by their sire.

They group up with other males forming bachelor groups. They spar and groom one another. By five years of age they will start to challenge herd stallions for the right to have a hareem of their own.

Fillies leave their family also. She is taken by another herd stallion into his group. 


These horses are very comfortable to ride over rough terrain. Through selective breeding, the Narraganset Pacer was bred in Rhode Island. They made through the rest of the colonies.

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