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Life With Romeo

Updated on May 31, 2013


Introducing Romeo

Meet Romeo!

Romeo is a Jack Russell Mix. We don't know what he is mixed with but sometimes I am pretty sure its human! Romeo is 3 years old and has become part of our family. He is spoiled rotten and I do mean spoiled. He has me wrapped around his paws. All Romeo has to do is stand by his bowl wink at me, add a little whine, shake his head back ( like hes trying to get me to come over to him) and wag his tail and magically his food bowl gets something special. I don't know how he got that smart as I have been trying to teach him to shake hands and some other tricks but he does not want to learn those tricks. So taking care of Romeo is pretty easy for the most part. Keep up with his vet visits. Make sure he takes his flea and heartworm medications, and the rest takes care of itself. Except cleaning up he can't do that himself( My son and hubby really wish he would learn though) So you want to know about Romeo he has a few nicknames like, Romey, RomeyomeyO, just to name a few. My kids call him all kind of names as long is you don't call him late for a meal he really does not seem to care.
So I think the best way to get to know Romeo would be by learning his Likes and Dislikes so I will start a small list for now
People Food
Getting pet
Getting Ears Rubbed by Angel
Dancing Salsa with Daddy
Playing soccer with Dad and Jake
Running in the yard
Barking(at anyone who dare walk down our street)
People Food
Sneaking in Jakes Room
Sleeping with pillows under his blanket
Playing Football with Dad and Jake
Sleeping on Jeana's blankets
and did I mention People Food
Dog Food
The hose
The fake Owl
the guy who lives behind us
when we go out and he has to stay home
getting his nails clipped
and did I mention Dog food
So That is a little introduction to Life with Romeo

Life with Romeo

How we got Romeo

Romeo was given to us by someone I used to work with. His wife worked in Walmart and apparently someone left Romeo out in the parking lot in a box. Well she found him brought him home and he said cute dog we are not keeping I will find him a home and they told me , So I call my hubby and Angel (our youngest ) heard" what kind of dog" and that was all she needed to hear and she said we are getting a dog can we name him Romeo.
And that day little Romeo had a people family.

How we came up with the name?

Coming up with Romeos name was very easy. I called home and told hubby they are giving away a puppy only a few weeks old can we have him. He said what kind of puppy and my youngest daughter Angel over heard and said we are getting a puppy can we name him Romeo. It was really that simple

Our favorite things to do with Romeo?

Romeo loves to play soccer. One day I heard him crying and barking in the yard I go outside and I see him playing with my hubby and son chasing around the soccer ball he was so excited that he was barking. Now that is still his favorite thing to play! Romeo is really really spoiled and he likes to be under your feet!

Pictures of Romeo

Romeos' First day with our family
Romeos' First day with our family
Romeo Relaxing in the beautiful sunshine
Romeo Relaxing in the beautiful sunshine
Romeo Working!
Romeo Working!

Jack Russell Terrier Pulling Skateboard

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