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Life at Boomer Lake with Deb, Sunday February 10, 2013

Updated on February 10, 2013
Female Eastern Bluebird
Female Eastern Bluebird | Source

Butterflies and Bluebirds, Oh, My!

We have seen chilly, cloudy days and warm and summery days this week. Nothing appears to be very consistent right now. Monday, I saw a butterfly that I wasn’t able to capture, and a female Eastern Bluebird. Monday afternoon was absolutely gorgeous, and the walk paths were filled with lots of people. The birds were out in throngs.

Red-shouldered Hawk

Tuesday was another gorgeous day, and I captured this gorgeous Red-shouldered Hawk, who didn’t think that I had spotted him or her. Unfortunately, it was shaded where this hawk was, and I figured that the best thing to do was to get the shot, and worry about the formalities later. After all, why miss a shot, especially when I have only been using this new camera for only two weeks now? I’ll get better sooner or later.

Red-shouldered Hawk
Red-shouldered Hawk | Source
Mallard Drake Decoy
Mallard Drake Decoy | Source
Mallard Hen Decoy
Mallard Hen Decoy

Decoys on the Lake

I saw a couple of decoys attached to the bottom of the lake on the far east end of the lake. I feared that someone was trying to hunt, but I saw a young man later in the week feeding the Canada Geese, Mallards, and Ring-billed Gulls. I wasn’t able to speak to him, but I feel confident that he could have placed the decoys there to attract and feed the birds.

Catfish Are Jumping

My fisherman friend was out again and got a few more channel catfish, but nothing like the haul that he got last week. It is pretty surprising that there is so much fish in that lake, and they do jump out of the water from time to time. As a matter of fact, a fish jumped near a Canada Goose a couple of days ago, which scared the bejeebers out of him or her. I just had to laugh at the reaction.

American Robin
American Robin | Source

American Robins

The American Robins are out in full force, the true harbingers of spring. They were never far away this winter, just a few blocks away in the neighborhoods. They prefer having a little shelter from the cold, and some of the residential areas are a good five to ten degrees warmer than the lake. It certainly is nice to see them enjoying the trees and hunting a few worms.

Buffleheads | Source


The Buffleheads are still around during the coolest and cloudiest of days. Here’s a couple of interesting shots that didn’t seem too hard to get, now that I have the right equipment. Sorry about the dark shots, but for some reason, the camera kept defaulting to another setting on me.

Killdeer Pair
Killdeer Pair | Source


The Killdeer are also pairing, and these two happened to be just south of Goose Island on the jetty. Surprisingly, the actually let me get fairly close before they took off, again on another cloudy day.

Canada Geese
Canada Geese | Source

Canada Geese

Here’s some Canada Geese as they were landing from their flight. It amazes me how graceful they are when they land. They are one of my favorite birds. Years ago, while in Delaware, I used to feed them at one of the local parks, and I recall that if they weren’t fed fast enough, they would pick at one’s legs.

Until Next Time!

This is about all that I have for you this week. Keep your eyes to the ground and your head in the clouds. Happy birding until we talk again!

Ring-billed Gulls
Ring-billed Gulls | Source


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    • aviannovice profile imageAUTHOR

      Deb Hirt 

      5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Thanks, Eddy! Today had a little bit of snow, but mostly sleet. I just had to go out to see what I could get, even though most of the pics are very dark.

    • Eiddwen profile image


      5 years ago from Wales

      Another wonderful trip you share with us Deb. Wonderful and you have the ability of making me feel I am by your side.

      How wonderful to spend time doing what we so obviously enjoy. Have a wonderful day my friend and I vote up,across and share onto my FB page 'A Brand New Dawn.'


    • aviannovice profile imageAUTHOR

      Deb Hirt 

      5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Hey, M! Killdeer are here all year long. Soon, they will be laying their eggs. %They have already begun pairing.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      It is always nice to look at your pictures. It is my first time to read about killdeer. Thanks for sharing. :-)

    • aviannovice profile imageAUTHOR

      Deb Hirt 

      5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Hey, precy anza! Spring is always a time of surprises. We all seem to be ready for them.

    • precy anza profile image

      precy anza 

      5 years ago from USA

      Enjoyed my walk today on the lake through the hub :) Love the color on that American robin. All the photos are beautiful, makes me think about Spring to come, means more surprises for us. ^-^'

    • aviannovice profile imageAUTHOR

      Deb Hirt 

      5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Hey, Connie! They should be coming to your area soon enough. It is good to see you, as always.

    • grandmapearl profile image

      Connie Smith 

      5 years ago from Southern Tier New York State

      Deb, the red-shouldered hawk is fabulous! Can't wait to hear my first robin, but I think it will probably be a few more weeks before that happens. Send some to NYS won't you? Voted Up Across the board.

    • aviannovice profile imageAUTHOR

      Deb Hirt 

      5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      You are most welcome, Peg! I haven't seen a roadrunner yet. Maybe you can do a story on them!

    • aviannovice profile imageAUTHOR

      Deb Hirt 

      5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Thanks, Mycee! My challenges have increased now.

    • aviannovice profile imageAUTHOR

      Deb Hirt 

      5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Hey, Alicia! Today the birds are getting a little wet snow on them, but I don't dare try to go out while it is this wet.

    • aviannovice profile imageAUTHOR

      Deb Hirt 

      5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Why, thanks so much, prasetio! I have been involved with birds one way or another for a decade now. I'm glad that you enjoy them, too.

    • PegCole17 profile image

      Peg Cole 

      5 years ago from Northeast of Dallas, Texas

      Oh Deb. What great photos you've captured here. You must've taken these in my neighborhood where I have seen all these guys except the geese. We have a pair of Killdeer that used to return every year to the same place by the driveway and just yesterday I saw an Eastern bluebird that was a gorgeous royal color. The first robin showed up this week, too. One year an entire flock landed in my back yard. I counted dozens of birds. We also have a roadrunner and his mate that return about this time of year to the same tree. I have them on video.

      Keep up the great photography and thanks so much for sharing these treasured shots.

    • unknown spy profile image

      Not Found 

      5 years ago from Neverland - where children never grow up.

      wow a fantastic and really great shots Deb! I always love your Life at Boomer lake hubs.

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 

      5 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      It's nice to see how life at Boomer Lake is preparing for spring. This is another enjoyable update.

    • prasetio30 profile image


      5 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Wow....beautiful birds. I am a birds lovers. Thanks for writing and share with us. I love all the pictures here. Voted up and take care!


    • aviannovice profile imageAUTHOR

      Deb Hirt 

      5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Hey, Martin! Thanks for sliding on by!

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 

      5 years ago from San Francisco

      What would my Sunday be without this? Bless you.

    • aviannovice profile imageAUTHOR

      Deb Hirt 

      5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Hey, Billy! I know what you mean about the notifications. Sometimes it would be 3 days when I didn't get them. Thanks for the nice words on the photos.

    • aviannovice profile imageAUTHOR

      Deb Hirt 

      5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      The Killdeer are a noisy bunch, thant's for sure. In walking around this winter, I have seen a couple of potention nest spots, Jim. This group has been around all year.

    • aviannovice profile imageAUTHOR

      Deb Hirt 

      5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Hey, Bill! How much snow did you end up with over there? It makes me happy that I'm not in NE right now, but I do miss the summers. I enjoy the hawks, myself, but it sure is hard sometimes, trying to keep a watch on everything.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I'm not getting hub notifications this weekend, so it was pure luck that I saw this hub. I'm so glad that I did. The pictures are excellent this weekend and I love that hawk. Thanks for the visit my friend.

    • xstatic profile image

      Jim Higgins 

      5 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      This is great Deb, again. Nice to see that bluebird. WE should be seeing Kildeer soon. I always like their alarmed cries and the fake they pull to decoy you away from the nest.

    • bdegiulio profile image

      Bill De Giulio 

      5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hi Deb. Looks like a great week at Boomer lake. Love the picture of the hawk. We are digging out from a couple feet of snow here in New England so at the moment it seems like Spring is a long way off. The photos of the gulls and geese are wonderful also.


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