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Life on a chicken Farm

Updated on August 15, 2009

chickens - oh my

 My beloved husband of two years wanted some chickens because he, "had always wanted to chickens" but he did't know why and didn't know anything about chickens???  That should have been a clue!

We researched on the types of chickens, many brands or types are available - rhode island red, whites, boilers ???, golden laced wyondette, etc etc.  Then the order form wanted to know did we want a straight run or hens - we didn't know so we ordered a straight run - it was cheaper.  Oh boy....  later on that one.  Well, the chicks arrived one cold December day and we were excited to th hilt!!  They stayed in my son's bedroom - he wasn't in there - and our lives forever changed!!

Beloved hubby got up in the middle of the night to check on them to make sure they were warm - temperature is VERY important.  Novice that he was, some died because we had the temperature wrong - too hot or too cold - even though he followed the instructions.  (Yes, I'm deliberately saying he/him at this point).  We started off with 26 (ordered 25 but we got a "free" one, oh boy....) and ended up with, gulp... 13.... not sure what happened but they went onto wherever baby chicks go - chicky heaven maybe!!

Anyway, so we (yes, it's we again) build a chicken coop and when it's warmer take the little darlings outside - meantime we had ordered more of the luvverlys.....  the first batch wasn't growing, why? what did we do wrong? did we forget to feed them?  Nope, they were bantams - a smaller breed of chick - ha ha ha no, we didn't think that.  THEN, on top of that, get this, TEN of them there bantams were not hens but ROOSTERS.....  See, know we know what a straight run is - a mixture of male and female chicks.... boy oh boy.  




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    • frogyfish profile image

      frogyfish 5 years ago from Central United States of America

      I live in the city but still have thought of having two pet chickens...except don't want to feed the stray cats accidently. Anyway, loved your happenings with the chickens...Are you going to eat the roosters???(Sorry)

      Thank you for a delightful hub!

    • profile image

      yanda 6 years ago

      o wow thats hilarious!!!