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Life Through the Eyes of a Pitbull

Updated on July 31, 2018

I can’t remember much for detail, but I do remember the lonely nights in a small secluded cage watching people coming and going taking dogs and cats with them, but never me. People would always walk past saying that pitties were difficult to get rid of. I don’t know what a pittie is but if they don’t like them, then I didn’t like them either. Day in and day out people would walk up to my cage and before they got too close they would turn around. I got so excited when I saw someone walking past because all I wanted to do was play.

A man with the biggest smile came to me today, nobody had ever come this close to me before. He took me out and scratched my head, it was the most amazing feeling ever, my leg lost control and it started to kick for a moment. I thought this is what love must feel like. I thought because of this feeling I must love him. The boss lady spoke for a while and then they left. I thought he was going to take me away from this place, but he just left. I waited for him to return. I waited and stared at the empty space in front of me which was a familiar thing for me now. Eventually, he came to save me. He looked into my eyes and I looked into his, and right there and then I knew that this was the beginning of a great friendship. He put a funny thing around my neck and said: “ I’m your new daddy”. I didn’t know what this meant, but he looked happy which made me happy. I jumped in the car and we started moving, it was strange, the air was flowing through my fur and my tongue flapped in the wind. People were shouting and pointing at me in terror, I don’t know why but daddy just called them idiots. This magical experience, Daddy called a drive, was over. We got out and he opened a gate. Beyond this fence was something that I had never seen before, it was green stuff all over the floor that smelt refreshing, nothing that I had smelt before. I couldn't resist rolling all over, it was like an animal impulse that I couldn't control. Daddy just stared at me with a small smile on his face while shaking his head.

A few days passed and my soul ached for Daddy whenever he wasn’t with me. It was as if without him my happiness seeped away and I was lost, but when he eventually did come home, the happiness would flow through me and i would leap into his arms. I hadn’t yet seen what lurked outside of the fence. It’s as if Daddy is embarrassed of me. He would walk to the door that led outside and would pick up the leash that hung on the wall and just stare at me. I would stare at him, watching him as he shook his head. I would watch him as he furiously walked away.

I would sit and stare up at the door and Daddy would say “come boy, I don’t think I can handle it today”. Handle what? I know I’m pretty strong, but I’m sure he can take it. Until one day he got the lead and attached it to that thing around my neck and we walked towards the door. It was happening, we were going outside. I jumped with excitement, the mystery would soon be over “We can do this boy, I know we can!” He slowly opened the door, and I sprinted out. We walked, well I mostly pulled, passed houses where other dogs lived and they would say hello. Daddy didn’t like it when I wanted to go say hello to the other dogs, he always pulled me away from them. I noticed something when we would walk, a rather strange thing. Whenever we walk there are so many people around us, but the moment we come close to a person, they move away frantically. I don’t understand because all I really want to do is play with the people. “Don’t worry boy, they’re just idiots.” He used to say this often and then pat my head.

We came to this wide-open space that daddy calls a park. Daddy looked all around to make sure we were alone and took my leash off. It felt great, I no longer had to drag daddy along. While I was running around, a lady in the distance came to the park, she was shouting at daddy. I didn’t know what was happening, I thought maybe if I ran up to her and played with her, they would stop fighting. As I started running she started screaming. Stop. Run. Crouch. I didn’t know what was happening. Daddy started shouting. He called my name. I started barking. Confusion. Play? Daddy grabbed me and put my leash on again. Daddy and the lady spoke for a while and then the lady left while still shouting at daddy.

We went back home and daddy didn’t give me much attention for a while, he was constantly holding his hand up to his ear and shouting as if he was talking to someone. He would constantly say “He would never hurt anyone, he’s a harmless lovable creature!” After putting his hand down, he would sit on the couch and start to cry. I hated it when daddy cried. I walked up to him and gave him a kiss. “I love you, Duke, remember that okay”. I always knew he loved me, but he had never said it to me before. The next day we went for a drive in the car, we hadn’t gone for a drive in a while so I was pretty excited. Daddy didn’t look too happy, but a few licks and my wiggly tail usually did the trick.

We got to a large white building that said VET in big red letters. Daddy walked beside me as we walked through the glass doors. He spoke to a lady behind a counter and we followed her into a small room at the back. A man picked me up and put me on the table. The man looked at daddy and said “public assault?” Daddy nodded his head and scratched my neck. The man stroked my head and I slowly started falling asleep. I closed my eyes with the feeling of daddy rubbing my head, saying “I love you boy”.

© 2017 Lara-Jayne


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