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Lighting and Heating For Reptiles Information

Updated on December 1, 2010

UV Lighting For Reptlies

UV lighting can be harmful to all living things but actually is beneficial to your reptiles. The key to reptile lighting is giving those reptiles the invisible rays from the light source. Ultraviolet light is very important for your reptile. It actually helps your reptile convert Vitamin D into a usable form of Vitamin D3 which then helps with calcium absorption. Without this lighting your reptile can get a calcium deficiency. Having Calcium Deficiencies can lead to bone diseases and can even kill your reptile. If your reptile is active during the day then they need UV lighting. Their is UVB and UVA the UVB is the most important for the reptiles for their calcium needs. UVA is more like a perk up light, it helps reptile's appetites, breeding, and alertness.

Basking Spot Lamps

Because reptiles are cold blooded meaning they need to have heat on them or around them to keep them warm. Basking Spot lamps are very important for reptiles because it helps keep the reptile warm and healthy. The backing lamp is used during the daytime and some of them come with a UVA source. The lamps provide warm areas for your reptiles, especially your desert reptiles like your bearded dragons and leopard geckos. It also can help lower your humidity if needed as well as providing a warm air in the habitat.

Infrared Lamps For Reptiles

These bulbs are usually only used for heat since they don't usually have UVA or UVB so these are beneficial for night time use and are especially nice because they heat the tank up with minimal light. If this light is still to bright if you have the tank in a kids room or your room. You can see the below Ceramic Heaters or under tank heaters. You can also use these as a all day heat source if you have a UV light source for your reptiles. You can use a florescent UV light and put the infrared light on the one side for a heat basking area.

Ceramic Heaters For Reptiles

Ceramic heaters can be used for basking spots in the tank but don't produce any light. The usually can be put in a reptile lamp for the bulbs. These are perfect for night time if you don't want a lot of light coming off the tank that may be in a bedroom of you or your child. Also these do not break as easy as the light bulbs, that's one problem a lot of people have because if some of the bulbs are set down to hard or not gentle enough the wires come undone and the bulb is shot.


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