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Lil Bear

Updated on March 6, 2009

Spoiled rotten but so cute

Lil Bear is a semi-regular customer who comes in about three to four times per year. He gets really nappy and dirty because he is so active and his parents spoil him to death. He needs a style that makes him extra cute but also short, so I give him a bath, fluff dry him and then just trim him up. He is quite chunky and his body is round like a ball so he gets a complete scissor trim to hide his figure flaws, he still gets the Yorkie style but a shorter version.

Lil Bear is not a very cooperative dog and knows just the right ways to move to make it hard to groom him, especially on his front legs so after a lot of time and patience Lil Bear is groomed to perfection, soft and fluffy again. At least for a little while.


Before and after


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